Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Got My Hair Did

Ok, so I decided to just go out and get my hair done anyway (btw, way nicer outside than in my own apartment). I haven't trimmed or blow dried it since March and I've been wanting to see how long it is now. Plus, I totally needed a pick-me-up and sometimes a little pampering is just the remedy a girl needs. Am I right or am I right?

Hmm, how should I pamper myself tomorrow? And the day after that...


  1. Pampering is fabulous, do you like it? Congrats on growing your hair for so long...I couldn't do that. *L* Looks great.

  2. Thanks for the comment. You're right -- pampering is the best remedy! Your hair looks great.

  3. Hey girls, you know what? I absolutely SUCK at pampering myself. I rarely ever take time to chill. I always have something or someone else to think about so I push myself aside. So even taking two hours to go get my hair done is an effort on my part. I should seriously do it more often since I think I deserve it!

    I should try harder to set time aside for me. Even my lunch hours are given up to my job since I work while I eat. Boo. I think a mini shopping spree is in order since I haven't bought myself anything (other than a toy last week and lunch here and there) in MONTHS! Either that or I need to force myself to sit down and plan that vacation before the year's through.

    Ok, essay's done.

  4. we should all go to a spa...get butt naked and get rubbed on lol ... sometimes a girl just needs a massage

  5. if only those massages werent so damn expensive, huh dariany?... unless u or oti wanna trt me? ^_^

  6. yay for taking care of yourself! you should fo it more often. :)

  7. Can't see your hair all that well - I'm sure it is fabby and reflected how newly relaxed you are due to your very good pampering. very nice pillar also. :P

    I've always wanted to go for a spa weekend somewhere.

  8. WOW, it's really long. It looks so pretty!!

  9. get a manicure and pedicure. makes anyone feel girly and fabulous.

  10. franco- for real. And I had it trimmed too!

    dariany- oh man, I've been wanting a nice deep tissue massage for ages.

    dama- yes it's expensive. no I'm not treating you.

    odessa- I agree. And it was about time too!

    torrance- Usually clicking on the picture enlarges it. I thought of putting up a close-up shot, but then I realized it's not that serious.

    jess- Yeah, having someone scrub mu head always makes me want to take a little nappy nap.

    heather- Yay! I'm so happy to see you back here and thanks for the compliment. A lot of people at work were saying the same. See!?!? What'd I tell you guys about rocking the bummy chic look and then looking nice out of the blue. You get noticed, that's what. Argh, I'm so bad...I should start putting in some effort more often.

    valerie- so glad to see you're back from your blog break! And I don't get my nails done nearly as much as most girls do, but I have to admit it does make me feel cute whenever I do. And I think I just lost some tomboy cred right there :)

  11. hi!
    I just found your blog on SITS, your comment was above mine so I decided to check out your blog.
    Love the hair. Pampering..hmm, I consider taking showers my pampering lol. It's the only time I can collect my thoughts (and think of good article topics..yeah, I'm a writer too).

  12. Hi kelsey! Funny, shower time is usually when I start pondering life's greatest questions and brainstorm ideas too. Hmm, maybe it's all that steam that opens up our pores and our minds? Aren't there tribes that do this sort of thing?

    Anyway, welcome to the blog :)

  13. What a great way to treat yourself. You look beautiful.

    Side note: I used to use my hair drier to warm my feet at night when I lived in San Francisco. Something to think about...

  14. Suz, funny you mention that. My ex bf and his sis used their blow driers as mini heaters too. At first it was weird, lol, but then you kind of get used to the noise and it really did work!


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