Friday, October 10, 2008


So after work today I headed down to SoHo to see "Imagine Peace," a collection of John Lennon's artwork organized by Yoko Ono at Openhouse Gallery. The showcase included drawings and song lyrics alongside John's quotes about peace and loving one another while his songs played in the background. I didn't grow up listening to the Beatles and got my real first taste of them last year when Mr. First made me a mix CD (along with four others) of one of his favorite bands of all time. John Lennon was his favorite.

The show's opening was yesterday evening, when John would have celebrated his 68th birthday. His artwork is so simple with minimal brush strokes oftentimes paired with a couple words.

"Why not?"
"Why me?"
"Family Tree"
"War is Over"

As I was moving through the panels, reading his words along the walls, I started getting a lump in my throat. For one, here was this man who just wanted to spread harmony to all who'd listen. A man who absolutely adored his wife - evident through the countless doodles of the two of them together - and who truly loved being a father to Sean. His drawings for his son, titled "Real Love," included all sorts of animals and whatever little Sean would say about the picture would become its title.

"A Cat Purring"
"A Bird Dreaming"
"A Horse Laughing"
"An Elephant Forgetting"

That was their game.

So I'm reading and taking it all in thinking, "Why? Why did someone like him have to be a victim of such cruelty? Just doesn't seem fair." I also started thinking about the ex. He would've loved to have been there I'm sure. And I so wished I had someone who cared as much about me as John did about his wife. By the time I got to the framed song lyrics I was fighting back tears. So I left. I walked for a while; I needed it. Past the Crate and Barrel where we talked about what we wanted our apartment to look like. Past Washington Square Park where we people-watched and took silly pics. Past the tiny restaurant where we ate crepes. Past, I guess, the past. How is love so tangible one minute you can practically see it floating in the air around you and then gone the next? Where does it go?

And what do you do when you want to have faith it will be back again...but deep inside you're not really sure?

I'm trying.


"Imagine Peace" runs until this Sunday with donations benefiting Citymeals-on-Wheels (so you can help feed NYC without donning a cape).



  1. wow.
    I'm a big lennon fan
    i've never seen his art tough
    great great post.
    wish i was there.

  2. Hate is indeed irrational.

    I'm a huge Paul McCartney fan myself, but John was definitely stellar.

  3. 1. I'm jealous you get to wander NYC and go see things such as this. You live in a wonderful city and I am jealous.

    2. LOVE the herd waving. I'd want a picture for my baby's room if I could. LOL

    3. The hurt you apparently feel is real, but know that taking the good things from any relationship (loving one, friendly one, cordial one, mean-spirited one) and leaving the bad stuff at the mud rug is the best medicine. Take what you learned and the good memories, and walk through the city smiling at how you grew. AND take those lessons into all your future relationships. :)

  4. franco, yeah I'd never heard of it either, but it was fantastic and just being in that gallery was nothing short of inspiring. You want to change the world when you read his stuff. And this is from someone who was just introduced to him a year ago. I'm glad to hear you're a fan :)

    gooseberried, I'm so happy to see you over here! (I'm always reading your stuff). And yeah, there's never any logical reasoning behind hatred. It just makes you wonder about the world and why some people are dealt the cards they're dealt, especially if they were trying to do good.

    And before my Beatles education, Paul was the one I knew the most about!

    tooj, Hi! Nice to meet you & hope you liked it here :)

    Yeah, it's all kinds of awesome living in this crazy city since there's so much going on all the time, so I'm grateful for that. But sometimes you forget all that if you stay in the middle of the chaos for too long. You start wishing for some tranquility every now and then. Or at least a chance to stop...and breathe.

    And OMG you should've seen all the other pics John drew for Sean; they were so cute! I wanted them all.

    As for the hurt, Lord has it been a long road. I'll have my good days when I'm confident that everything will be ok and that eventually I will get past this, learn from it and hopefully keep him as my close friend. Other times I'm not sure it'll completely heal since I keep delving into this pitiful state.

    It comes and goes. I might not be completely fine now, but I think I'm better than I was back in February.

  5. ahhh... what a great post dear!
    The lyrics still linger in our hearts!...Imagine all...lalala...
    sorry, me not a singing diva! lol!!

    ~blessings as always sweetie*

  6. I just found you through curious girl.
    I really liked this post and really liked this line, "past, I guess, the past."
    And, sigh, how great to be in NYC....I love it there.

  7. Lenore, thanks so much. Now if only people let those words linger in their hearts long after the last not has been sung. Keep singing :)

    Heidi, welcome to the blog! Don't you just love curious girl's posts? Yeah NYC is both a blessing and a curse like I've mentioned before. So much to do that it could drive you a bit insane. Thanks so much for dropping by and I do hope you come back :)

  8. Dorkys - completely understood. :) But you WILL be fine...survival kicks in, and reality...and goodness, all the good-looking men you get to see! LOL

  9. dang it, doubled up. is there any way to remove a double when I screw up like that?

  10. Tooj, thanks so much for the encouragement. Maybe my survival instincts are jammed? Lol, and no worries I fixed that comment snafu for you :)


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