Friday, October 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

So today has been a wonderful day in the bloggy world for me! First off, I woke up to tons of comments about the fact that I'm totally shackled to this city. Then I got my first two followers (thanks Franco & Lisa!).

And then a few hours ago Curious Girl (Lisa) tagged me for a 4x4! Basically, I tell you sillyheads four things about me for each of the four categories. Aren't you guys the lucky ones :)

But first I wanted to tell you guys to check out her cute and colorful blog. I love her pics and only wish I had her skills. Plus, she just had a photo show last week so how cool is that?

(That would be very.)

So without further ado...

Four Things I Did Today

1 Fought off the temptation to go online before work this morning. It's a bad habit and I need to quit it!
2 Counted down the hours at work. Yay for half days!
3 Went to a cool exhibition showcasing John Lennon's artwork.
4 Walked in the sunshine, gerber daisies in hand.

Four Things On My To-Do List

1 Go grocery shopping. It's looking pretty bleak in this fridge.
2 Gain 20 pounds.
3 Try my very best to not do any work-related activities this weekend.
4 And instead, walk around the 'hood, make some greeting cards, take pictures and just create art again. It's been a long while :)

Four Of My Guiltiest Pleasures

1 Blogging. About total randomness. All the time. And reading other people's randomness.
2 Singing in the shower and pouring my heart into it because I swear I can sing. No really, I can.
3 Watching cartoons every Saturday morning. Yes, I watch Strawberry Shortcake. Is that a problem?
4 Making to-do lists that run a mile long. And I'll add the tiniest things that are pretty much completed just so I can have something to check off. Man, why do I feel so accomplished when I do that?!

Four Random Facts About Me

1 I have a tiny red heart-shaped birthmark at the bottom of my right foot.
2 My first name is derived from Dorcas, an old seamstress in the Bible who was so loved that she was brought back to life when she died. It means gazelle (and there's an actual gazelle called that) so maybe that's why my metabolism is so freakin fast.
3 My favorite number is 11 because of my bday (Jan 11) and because 11:11 is the only time that can be read the same forwards, backwards and upside down (and yes, I make wishes at that time).
4 At 4'9," I'm technically a "little person," but I prefer "person of small stature" and I still qualify to use a booster seat when I'm in a car.

And now I pass on the torch to the following awesome bloggers:

Joyce at {sugarlens}
Lenore at Lenorenevermore
Odessa at freefalling me

Can't wait to read your answers :)


  1. Lol, sorry Dorkys, but someone just tagged me a few days ago with the same tag.
    Haha. what small blogphere.

  2. Oh boo! Lol, it's ok, no biggie :)

  3. haha...FrancoRivermist tagged me afew days ago too dear... it's all 'tag week' it seems... got 4 including yours...heehee! Pass it to someone else dear... I'm honored though! Thank you sweetie for thinking of me. Tickled PINK!

    You have a great weekend too!!!
    ~blessings as always*

  4. Well well, looks like I'm the last person in the blog world to have gotten tagged! Lol! Maybe we need to broaden our circles?

  5. LOVE!

    I was curious about your name, so very happy you included that. beautiful!

    thank you for your kind words.

    I hope your weekend is all you wish for.

  6. Aww thanks so much for tagging me Lisa :)

    As for what the name means, I actually just learned that about 6/7 years ago in undergrad when a friend who's very into the Bible (unlike me) told me about it. Would've been nice to have known that growing up so I'd have something to tell those teasers. My parents had no clue. My mom just named me after a friend I've never even met. Go figure.

    Hope your weekend is wonderful :)

  7. (raising my hand)

    I will participate! My first tag! Happy day!

  8. Hey Sweetie!

    I was trying to do the assignment today and well, bad news..

    I've done this -- You can see my answers on my blog. Sorry:(

    I guess these memes go around and around and eventually coming back to you..

    Thanks so much for thinking of me though!

  9. Yay Sugar! I can't wait to read your response!

    Maki, no worries. At least I got to give you guys a mini shout-out. I do hope people check out your blog too and that your bday was fantastic :)

  10. Hi Dorkys,

    Couldn't resist posting about you on "Nuts in NY"...

    All in good fun, of course; your to-do list thing was SO funny.

    David @ Nuts in NY

  11. Haha, thanks for the mention. I was a bit scared for a second there, but thanks for not thinking I was a complete fool ;)

    And if you did, thanks for not writing it!


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