Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Latin Superstitions

In Latin America it's not just about black cats, broken mirrors and Friday the 13th. Here's a list of all the other things many of us had to worry about! Parents swear by item #13...and I think I might too :)

(Btw, thanks to those who helped me out with the article. If it didn't make the list be sure to add it on there!)



  1. lol so true about #13

    my mom drives me crazy with purse on the floor thing

    i've never heard of #2 which is funny 'cuz the only time i've ever had more than one person working on my hair at the same time was in DR

  2. My friend Jaime always makes me pick my purse up off the floor and put it on a table when I'm at his house and told me superstition #1. I had never heard it before! :)

  3. cc, I never really grew up with the purse on the floor one, but apparently lots of people fiercely believe it! And #13 is practically fact! You put that string on their forehead and that hiccup is gone! But why??!

    franco, they're all pretty much weird. Just be glad people don't have to keep warning you about #7.

    emily, a lot of people believe that one!


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