Thursday, October 9, 2008

NL Championship Series Game 1

Okie doke, so the game has just begun. I've got the dad and sis (a major Yankee fan) here talking crap about the Phils. Plus, it's only been 3 minutes and the Dodgers have already scored a run.

I'm scared.

Anyway, so I read this lovely ESPN article earlier today about how much the Phillies ummm...suck? Lol, no, it's about how this current team has the opportunity to rewrite the franchise's loserish history. And that city so desperately needs a win from any one of their major teams (the Flyers, the Eagles and the Sixers are all less than stellar).

So they best not blow it!

Besides, I don't want to think about the torture my dad will put me through if the Dodgers make it to the World Series.

Update: Eeeeeee!! Just had two back to back home runs by Chase Utley and Pat Burrell! Now we took the lead and the score's 3-2!

P.S. This is the first time I'm seeing the Dodgers play this season and can I just say how weird it is to see Joe Torre in anything other than a Yankee uniform? Very! Why'd they kick him out anyway? Maybe the Yanks wouldn't be vacationing so early if he were still on board. Just a thought.

Final Update! Phillies win Game 1! Final score: Phillies 3, Dodgers 2 and Player of the Game? Cole!

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