Sunday, October 5, 2008

NL Division Series Game 4

Phillies win! They just achieved their first division series win since 1993 and now it's on to the Championship Series against the LA Dodgers (whch means dad and I are going to be facing off yet again).

Final score: Phillies 6, Brewers who cares...j/k, it was 2

Btw, I pretty much ran home and flew up four flights of stairs to catch the last three innings of this game. Silly me for actually making plans during the game. I finally caught my breath around mid-8th inning. Oh, and I think I'm getting sick. How wonderful.

P.S. Dad just called to "congratulate" me and is already talking smack about the Dodgers being the better team here. This should be fun. The seven-game series starts this Thursday :)


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