Sunday, October 12, 2008

NYC Children of the World

New York City photographer Danny Goldfield has taken on a wonderful project called NYChildren. Three years ago he set out to photograph a child from every country in the world that lives in NYC after hearing about the country's first post-9/11 hate crime. Out of 196 nations, Goldfield has just 39 more to go. He told the NY Daily News: "This project is about diversity. It's about peace and hope and about how emotions can be so common."

The images below represent children from Turkey, Sierra Leone, Mali, Myanmar, France and Ireland. Check out his site and his inspiring work and if you know a child who fits the bill for the remaining countries listed, let him know :)

Images: Danny Goldfield


  1. NYC is such a melting pot,
    I love it,

    other than the trast, dirt, crime and nastyness i feel right at home

  2. Yeah, you'll find all sorts of characters here, it's awesome!

    So glad you love it here so much. I'll overlook the fact that you just totally dissed my hometown ;)

    Btw, I just wrote hometown to describe NYC and it just looks so wrong...

  3. Everytime I glance at the giggly baby, I want to start laughing too. He looks so freakin happy (and so freakin cute)!!


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