Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh Snap, Tagged Again!

So I've been tagged again- this time by the lovely bookworm merc3069 at BookBitten! This 4x4 is such a fun one, I've been secretly hoping I'd get to do it at some point in time. Oh! And I totally took that image from RiverMist Expressions when Franco posted his set of answers. (Hope you don't mind!)

[Cue the drum rolls please...]

Top Four Wishes

1 I wish people would stop hurting each other.
2 I wish it were above 10 degrees in my cubicle.
3 I wish I was finally (and consistently) happy.
4 I wish for an infinity number of wishes.

Four Places I Want To Travel To

1 Italy
2 Greece
3 Spain
4 The moon

Four Careers I Want To Be Involved In

1 Magazine writing
2 Creating greeting cards/ arts and crafts
3 Photography
4 Storm chasing (or race car driving, whichever makes my adrenaline levels shoot through the roof)

Four Things I Would Like God To Say At The Gates of Heaven

1 "There are no tears in Heaven."
2 "Jesus really is my homeboy."
3 "Despite what those previously tagged bloggers may think, I'm not a raging alcoholic."
4 "You just got PUNK'D! haHA sucka! Now get back to work."

And the four peeps I'm tagging on this one are:

Jess at Smiles in Easy Open Packages
Heidi at Fancy Feet
Suz at Alive in Wonderland
Tooj at Circling the Square Table

So get to it! (Please?)


  1. we should go dranking one day lol and better u than me on the tag

  2. Yay yay!
    I've never been tagged before!
    Your read my secretly wishing mind Dorkys R!!

  3. Well that and your comment on BookBitten ;)

  4. hahaha, the last phase is funny!
    you just got pun'k, how hilarious would that be.
    stormcahsers are the sh*t

  5. Italy is at the top of my list too. The punk'd bit made me laugh!
    Thanks for tagging...I'm going to work on it right now.

  6. whichever makes your adrenaline levels shoot through the roof sweetie... see, how can you be a dry toast! u r HEEHEElarious!!

  7. I want to go to Greece. Like, really bad.

    I just responded to your tag. The first one. Sorry for the delay!

  8. help! how do I make a link? I'm very web-page dumb....I learned this stuff in college but that was...EEK. 10 years ago!!!! Give me a tutorial so I can link to the peeps I tag. :)

  9. Easy as pie, Tooj:

    Type in the names and/or the blogs you'd like to tag (or words you'd like people to click on)

    Highlight that word and then click on the botton up top that looks like a green globe with a paperclip looking thing (it's a chain link).

    A box will pop up asking you for the webpage you want that word to send people.

    Copy and paste it in the URL spot and click ok.

    And you're done! There's also a way to get those links to pop up in a different window, but that might have to wait till lesson 2 ;)

    Let me know if you're still confused!

  10. I'm always confused. *L* But this sounds fairly easy....I'll get back to you if it doesn't work! Thanks!

  11. torrance- don't act like you're not secretly wishing to be tagged ;)

    franco- aren't they amazing/completely insane?! Yes, that's what I aspire to guys.

    heidi- italy looks absolutely gorgeous. my co-worker went in may and she and I started studying Italian for about month prior. We havent practiced since though. Should get back on it. And I loved your list too :)

    lenore- thanks kid! I still think my humor's pretty dry though :p

    sugar- yeah I need to get to Greece at some point purely for architectural purposes. And I checked out your list (thanks so much for the mention), but I did NOT take sympathy on you! You're cool peoples, lol, and I read your blog everyday :)

  12. Loved the quotes on the last 4.

  13. I love #4 in your Things I would like God to say... So funny.
    Thanks for tagging me. I am on deadline right now (read:don't have time to shower) but, will get to it this weekend.
    Thanks for thinking of me. You are my fave new blog friend. *)

  14. First off, congrats to Tooj for successfully following instructions!

    blue hearts- thanks so much for stopping by! I left you a comment on your latest post too :)

    suz- on no worries at all since I'm pretty much there too. I have two stories due today so I gotta get on that! And p.s. I really liked your wimpy kids story ;)

    lisa- glad you liked!

  15. Hey there - saw your comment at roll call over on SITS and wanted to pop in and say welcome to a new SITSta!


  16. Thanks so much for the welcome, Heather!


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