Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NL Division Series Game 1

So the first playoff game between the Phillies and the Milwaukee Brewers (who took the wild-card spot from the Mets) starts in a half hour!

Dear God, can the Phillies please not blow it again this year? Thanks.

Also, I came across this quote by my boy Cole Hamels (who’ll be pitching this afternoon) about last year’s fallout:

“We believe we can go all the way and I think that’s something that was different from last year,” Hamels said. “We were just so excited that we got into the playoffs, we forgot what we really had to do. And, we ran into a hot team. I think we’re the hot team this year.”

Aww, those Phillies. They just get so gosh darn excited!

I’ll update with the final score at the end of the game. But you can keep track for yourself here.

UPDATE: Phillies win 3-1! And of course Cole did beautifully pitching 8 innings and only giving up two hits :)


  1. ay, calm down you fake new yorker! youve lived here all your life, you get introduced to the phillies and two days later, BAM youre DIQUE a fan.... umm uh huh...

    Go Yankees! and yes i know theyre not in the playoffs, but i am LOYAL! unlike you papi and david who seem to flutter around to wherever you see fit... eso no se hace, pau pau!

  2. DITTO that and really im kinda tired of hearing of this phillie team frankly i feel i am being disloyal by reading so much about them about if theres gonna be baseball talk lets keep it to the Yanks!!!!! lol ok luv ya buh bye

  3. Yankees? No thanks :)

    And Dariany, if I had known talking about the Phillies would've brought you out of your commenting hiatus, I would've written about them non-stop long ago. Welcome back, kid.

    So what teams are you two following in the post season seeing as how your beloved team has let you down once again?

  4. None! For me the season is over lol and yes i know ive been MIA...i still read lol just most people usually cover what i have to say....and that last Where in the World...i was waiting and waiting for when u would put one up and then its one that im like "do not tell me this is international" sooo i was wrong but there was no way i was gonna guess that.

    PS: the SNL videos are hilarious i know a little tiny more about politics now because of them and your sis sending me links of the actual interviews OMG they are soo accurate....that doesnt mean ill actually watch the actual debates...ill just find out later what were the funny parts lol

  5. Yay! I'm happy I totally stumped you guys last week :)

    And you need to watch the debates woman! It's even funnier than the spoofs because these people spew craziness and actually believe it! Plus, it'll help you become an informed citizen.

    One more thing: Comment woman!! It feeds my ego and I is hungry. Love you, little cousin :)


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