Saturday, October 18, 2008

The REAL Palin On SNL

Sarah Palin will appear on tonight's Saturday Night Live. She arrived in NYC this afternoon to practice for the episode (and beg viewers for votes). We can only hope Tina Fey will be joining in too. Check here tomorrow morning for clips...or you could just watch it for yourself at 11:30 pm EST on NBC :)

UPDATE: Tina Fey's on!! With Sarah!! Dear Lord they're twins...

Ok, it was a total letdown. Sarah only spoke a bit in the opening and in the second sketch (Weekend Update) did practically nothing. Boo, I expected so much more. SNL did NOT milk this although I'm sure they tried to get more out of this golden opportunity. The opening sketch was pretty funny though. Why? Two words: Tina Fey.




  1. omg! I know!
    I'm waiting for it!!
    I would so DIE if she confronts tina.

  2. Apparently Sarah thinks Tina's great and would love to "keep giving her more material!" Dear Lord this woman, lol!

    Tina needs to be there. Just HAS to be. This is their chance and they know tons of people are going to tune in to watch so anything less than Sarah vs Tina would be a total let down!

  3. ..
    it was so lame I just saw it.
    sarah didn't do sh*t, she just stood ther while the blonde girl rapped.
    lame lame lame
    I thought she was gonna go head to head with tina, BUT they didn't even exchanged words.

  4. I totally agree. I expected more than what they gave. I laughed during the opening though, but not because of her. (FYI, blonde girl is Amy Poehler.)

  5. Agreed. I expected more but the rap KILLED me. It was hilarious!

  6. You are so right about Tina Fey. I heart her.

  7. I was disappointed too. Total letdown, but I loved Amy Poehler's rap, I may have watched it 3 times in a row haha.

  8. I actually liked it because they didn't soft pedal it just because she was on the show. I liked the rap because it was a pretty good critique of her campaign.

    She just makes me so nutty (the fact that she's even being considered) that I was happy to see her teased.


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