Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So, Did You Play Today?

During my lunch break yesterday I popped into Toys 'R' Us to buy myself a little sumthin sumthin. Why? Because why not, so stop asking questions.

I think we should still buy ourselves toys (right now I'm referring to the PG kind, of course) long after we've "grown up." The simple act of playing takes us back to those worry-free days when our main concern was packing as much fun into today as possible. Now it's all about today's work, tomorrow's errands and what we want to accomplish next week (unless that's just me). Is it any wonder so many people are walking around completely stressed out and on the brink of a burn out? (That would be no).

Yes, we all have responsibilities and to-do lists (hee hee), but try adding in a little playtime every now and then and you'll see that not only will you feel better once you inevitably go back to work, but you'll be working towards a more balanced life. As they say, all work and no play is pretty damn lame.

So what did I end up getting? A rubik's cube! I'm secretly hoping there's a genius hidden inside me and clearly the way you test such things is by how fast you can solve this puzzle. Anything less than "super fast" is "borderline moron."

And P.S. If you're ever feeling down, I suggest heading toward your nearest Toys 'R' Us. Nothing put a smile on my face faster than a child running for his life from a fool dressed in a giant giraffe costume...Is that bad?

UPDATE: Ok, so I can't solve the stinkin' thing as fast I would like, but at least I know I can solve those little linked toys fairly quickly. I just start banging and pulling on them 'til something happens. Too bad I'm pretty sure wild monkeys can do the same...


  1. I like playing Monopoly.

  2. Fantastic post, so very true! My motto is: Work hard, play harder! :D

    Thanks so much for your comment, and for taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions, I really appreciate and enjoy hearing them! :)


  3. Trust me. That rubiks cube will ahve been thrown out of your window/flushed down your loo/stamped on before you can say "dammit whats wrong with the plastic squares!!".

    But, er, good luck. or at least better luck than I have with them!!


  4. I love playing scrabble on my phone. And for me reading and listening to music is therapy so I can spend all my free time between music, scrabble and reading.

  5. I totally suck at rubiks cube. I just can't figure it out. I can't believe I am admitting to this..

  6. I agree. It's too frustrating. I prefer scrabble... If you're looking for entertaining toys, I recommend the wii. It's an expensive toy, but it's worth it.

  7. cite the picture fool! taken by...

  8. anonymous- for some reason I cannot stand playing monopoly. and that reason is that it takes life to complete. oh, and I feel like it's way too educational, lol. But I know tons of people can't get enough of it!

    franco- have you started to question your intelligence yet? Because I sure am...

    susanna-cole- that's a great motto to live by! I should probably post that up on my computer at work. I'm sure the bosses would love it :p

    jess- well the cube is still intact...for now...but I have thought about peeling off these colored stickers!

    heidi- i'd never really played scrabble til facebook came along and added the game. I love it!! And music is totally my boyfriend.

    sugarlens- you do know that's first step towards getting help...

    jk- yeah, I keep hearing that wii whositwhatsit is pretty fun/addictive. I'll give it a try somebody's house of course because Lord knows I can't afford it :)

    dama- chill out fool. It was taken by my camera.

  9. Coloring. Not a toy, but certainly childlike and relaxing.

  10. Ooh, I loved coloring too. I had this coloring calendar several years ago and it was actually pretty fun. I think I got up to March before I got totally bored with it though.

  11. You go girl!
    Peel off those stickers and make them into a pretty picture.
    And then, on your rubiks cube, you always win!


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