Thursday, October 30, 2008

Subway Confusion

Ok, so I was trying to figure out how to get to the Phillies parade by train and why was their subway system totally confusing me?!
Mind you, I've been raised on this crazy system with 5000 different subway lines:
Yet I can navigate that perfectly (except for when the MTA wants to throw a monkey wrench into the whole operation by screwing up the lines with their "construction"). And when my sis and I went to Boston University for their Open House weekend, my brain nearly exploded when I saw this simplicity. What?! FOUR lines??

Get out of here with that. Give me a real tangled mess to decipher.



  1. yes but then we realized that bostons subway system isnt a subway as much as it is a mini-bus transit... their joints cant hold a candle to our FABULOUS and completely understandable and navigatable train system ^_^

  2. You East-coasters and your amazing ability to navigate those underground jungles....such a fascinatingly foreign world to me, and to most west-coasters like me.

    That four line system is probably about as much as I could handle. !

  3. for the love of Toast you are a new yorker, you are supposed to have this shit figured out!!
    But I don't blame you, I one got lost in the marta subway sysyem in atlanta so i can't talk.

  4. I can't figure out the Chicago "EL" either. It takes me about a week to come up with a game plan.

    WHOO-HOOO Phillies!!! I am so happy that the National League won (even if it wasn't my Cubbies)

  5. Yea, it'd be nice if I even had a bus that ran out into my suburb more than twice a morning and evening. The times don't allow for working late at I always commute. But I like driving...and singing loudly to I won't complain.

  6. Our system allows its so that if we miss our stop dont worry you can catch that connecting train in another spot ... that phillies map is barely a map, only one line connects to the rest, them trains are mad far apart from eachother hardly any connections and judging by the closeness of the lil circles its as if the joint stops every two blocks...what is this a bus system. Trains are supposed to be quick and the best part is figuring out which set of connections gets you from point a to point B faster..the phillies one looks like u have to take every train from first to last stop to get anywhere...they need to get with the program.

  7. diantre, dariany you od'd, you analyzed that joint to the umpteenth degree... leave it to you, anal weirdo =]

  8. you've been boo'd! check out my blog to see. :) Happy Halloween!

  9. DO NOT make fun of my OCD...It's just not nice plain and simple.

  10. hmm I have to say that out of the Boston, Chicago and NYC lines I get mixed up with the Boston line the most! I actually do pretty well with the NYC lines and Chicago lines considering that I don't even live in a place where they have public transportation!!

  11. dear... looking @ the images drives me crazy ;(
    Hope you make it there sweetie! Ahhh...we need private jet!

  12. I would give up immediately upon looking at these. I would just ask someone. I think that is bad, but it's the truth *)

  13. If you ever travel to London and take the tube (what they call the subway) you'll feel at home. Because if you can make your way through the NY Subway--you'll find your way around London without trouble!

  14. I know what you mean. it's alwways fun to try and figure it out though. Enjoy!

  15. Ah when I first lived in NYC, I was endlessly and completely confused and lost by the subway map, however, I finally realized if I looked at a regular map that simply marked subway stops as well, it was so so so much clearer than the actual subway map! ;)


  16. Oh My Gosh-that is insane!
    I always wonder how people in big cities (where the main transportation is subways) manage to get to the hospital in time to deliver their babies once they go into labor? Just a random thought that sometimes enters my head!

    PS-You 'won' my Stump You Saturday from last week! It WAS a clock! I'll be posting that tomorrow!

  17. "Subway?" What is thing thing you speak of? I'm in Los Angeles where we drive around in lots of cars and the ground shakes even when there are no underground trains running through it... ;^)

    My first visit to your blog and it's so funny and charming. Can't wait to read more of your posts!

    Oh, and congrats on being saucy!

    Take care...

    :^) Anna

  18. Oh geez-I'd have no chance in getting there! I'd be lucky to stay in the same state-LOL! Hope you found it and had a blast!

  19. Hello - Firstly I want to say I've been enjoying your blog for several months now. And being a railroad fan, I've enjoyed riding on some of those lines on the maps - both here in Philadelphia and in New York City (and out to the eastern ends of Long Island).

    The Septa rail system was not at its best yesterday - it had to handle well over 4 times its normal load. It is confusing because it, like New York's "system" is an unplanned amalgamation of railroads built over a hundred years ago. It was never designed, much less thought of, as a "commuter rail" system when the tracks were laid (the ones by my office were put in around 1855) so the 'burbs didn't even exist back then.

    I hope you enjoyed your day in the madhouse and insanity that was the parade.

  20. dama, yeah? Then why was it so hard for us to figure out how to get from point A to point B? AND they stop at 2 in the am? Please.

    blythe, Lol, it's not hard really. You have to take public transportation to get to school so you learn when you're young. I took a school bus for only a year in Jr High. Then you get thrown into the system and it's sink or swim.

    franco, I manage perfectly here in NYC, but I think I have problems understanding simple things. I end up complicating them if they're not. Hmmm, this would apply to other things too, though.

    wife o riley, I've never been to Chicago, but if their subway system consists of more than 10 lines I should be JUST fine. And yay to the National League!!! Maybe the Cubs will get their chance next season :)

    tooj, Oh I LOVE singing while driving too! But I never drive around here. I'd only use the car to drive into or out of the city and that's it.

    dariany, so true. Here you can catch several other connecting trains at different points on the route. But sometimes it's a hassle when you have to go downtown to catch and train and then go back up to reach a different borough.

    kelsey, because the boston one is so simple! But apparently they're working on some changes to their system.

    lenore, oh I could so use a private jet. Maybe I'll buy one with the first couple of millions I make ;)

    suz, no it's not bad. If you're stubborn like me though, you'll want to find the place on your own without asking anyone if you're even going the right way. Maybe I was a guy in a previous life?

    kelley, oh I keep hearing great things about Europe's transportation system. I'd love to go someday and check it out for myself.

    torrance, thanks so much! I'll check it out asap.

    jess, yeah, it's like a little adventure: will I get to my destination? Will I end up in the middle of nowhere? Will I finally get off my high horse and ask someone already?

    s-c, yup! I usually use google maps for the location and then pan around to see nearby subway stations. It hels a lot! And if any of you didn't know by now, is The Best. You type in the starting and ending address and it'll tell you what bus or trains to take, where to get off and how long the trip will take. They have info for Chicago, New York City, Long Island, Boston, San Francisco, New Jersey and Washington, D.C. You're welcome.

    yaya, I'm pretty sure that would be the time to stop being cheap and hail a cab. And yay! So glad I won :)

    anna, thanks so much for your visit! One of my co-workers is from LA and she said she had to stop wearing high heels once she moved here. In LA everyone drives everywhere so women wear their heels everyday. Not here! Many women wear sneakers to work and then change once they get to the office.

    kara, I didn't even get to go! But thanks :)

    intense guy, thanks so much for commenting and reading me for so long! I'm also pretty familiar with the Long Island Railroad since I went to undergrad out there (so much better than the subway trains!)

    Yeah, I heard it was immensely packed early on. I didn't know much about Philly's system before, so thanks for clueing me in. Hopefully I'll get a chance to get out there - when the crowds are a little more manageable :)

    Btw, did you get to take part in any of the festivities?

  21. I'm a NYer and I feel bad for people who come to visit because the map looks crazy with all these lines going so many which a way lol However, I would think that going to another city I'd be a pro! So far I've proven that DC's subway system is super easy! But I can't talk about other places because I've yet to visit! lol


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