Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tom Otterness' Studio

So what exactly was so important that I had to nearly miss the Phillies' triumphant Division Series win? Well I finally decided to [somewhat] take part in this year's Open House NY Weekend by making a reservation to see Tom Otterness at his studio! He's the creator of these totally cute and whimsical bronze sculptures that often have something to say about the society we live in. You can see his public works, such as "Life Underground" in NYC at the 14th Street/ 8th Ave subway station (A, C, E, L lines), as well as other parts of the city (like the Hilton on Times Square and 8th Ave), the U.S. and Canada. I don't remember when exactly I got turned on to his work (some time last year I believe), but I've been a fan since. How I wish I could own one - or all - of those little critters one day! Btw, doesn't the name Tom Otterness just sound fun?? His sculpture "Large Covered Wagon" (model pictured below) will be on display at the intersection of Prospect Street and Washington Street in Brooklyn until January 2009 .

Do you think one day I'll be able to afford him to commission this awesome swing set for me, umm, I mean my kids?


  1. Wow!!! His art work is pretty impressive, especially that swing set!!! I want one for my kids, too!

  2. maki- Aren't those sculptures cute/fun? And the swing set was for a competition he entered (I forgot when), but afterwards someone asked him to build one for their children. I wish I was that lucky!

    rivermist- Thanks! Too bad they didn't fit in my pocket when I went over...not that I condone five-finger discounts or anything ;)

    Torrance- All his sculptures are made in bronze. He starts with clay (we saw him work on his latest project a bit) and then makes I don't know how many molds and then goes on to plaster before pouring in molten bronze. The whole process sounded pretty cool especially since each mold retains every detail- even fingerprints!

  3. Never heard of this, really cool though.

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