Saturday, October 18, 2008

Where's The Stinkin' Heat?!

Can someone please tell me why I have to wear gloves at work and at home? The apartment that was once a furnace during the summer has now turned into a complete icebox. Freakin' ridic...

WARNING: Am seriously cranky after sleeping with said gloves on and still shaking in my jammies. Got work to do and it's too cold to concentrate (or maybe that's me procrastinating). I'm not even going to get my hair straightened as previously planned.

*But mostly I'm cranky because I had a dream with Mr. First and it always sucks waking up after one of those...

SUNDAY NIGHT UPDATE: Glory Hallellujah I got heat!


  1. Hopefully your heat will be turned on soon so that you don't have to spend the entire winter wearing gloves in your apartment.

  2. My apartment in San Francisco was like that. Arr, I hate being cold. Good luck.

  3. Oh dear... stay warm you don't have any body fat to keep you warm... have you gained any weight as planned???

  4. My notoriously cold hand often result in me wearing gloves. All the time.

    As you might well know, it is very difficult to type with wool stretchy all over your fingers!!

  5. Hey, look at the bright least your gloves coordinate with your outfit...? :)

  6. Riayn, I hope so too! I'm surprised I haven't gotten sick yet...knock on wood!

    Suz, Being cold is the absolute worst for me. Which is weird since I'm a winter baby and was born in a blizzard and whatnot. And I think it's colder in my apartment than it is outside! Lol, and I just replied to your big city comment and just got the answer to my question: San Francisco! I've never been there, maybe someday :)

    Lenore, NO!! It's crazy. I've been drinking this protein shake for several weeks now and while I've gained about three pounds, at this rate I won't gain the 20 I want til next year! Winter's coming...I need body fat immediately. I'm just going to start eating jars of lard everyday. Yum-o.

    Jess, Oh my circulation is horrid so my hands are like the touch of death. Everytime I know I have to shake someone's hand I start worrying and trying to warm them up super quick (never works) so I always feel like apologizing (Hi, it's cold outside/inside). It embarrasses me. And as much as I complain about having to wear my coat and gloves all day at work and not being able to type as fast, it never gets warmer. Argh...

    Tooj, Yes, since gloves will usually be a part of my outfit, they should at least look cute, no?

    *A couple weeks ago Mr First sent me a text the day before I'd decided 'tis the season for gloves at work again. Apparently he found a gift he'd bought for me for Christmas last year: gloves/mittens with removable tops. I so need those...

  7. Hey, be proud of your cold hands. Smile if the person you're shaking hands with looks shocked. Be like the ICE WOMAN!

  8. Aw, I feel your cold cold pain. I'm currently wearing my coat... in my bedroom. That's because it was too cold to take my jacket off when I came inside! I have the most freezing room in this whole place (for real, we tested with themometers) and usually during winter I am wearing my hat (and sometimes gloves) and jacket indoors! It's so annoying. >_<

    Anyway, hope things get warmer for you! :)


  9. s-c, yipers! Can't you get that fixed somehow? Check for leaks around the windows and doors,even though I'm pretty sure you guys already thought of that. It's hard to do anything when you're freezing cold. And thanks for the compliment!


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