Thursday, October 23, 2008

World Series Game 2

Argh! I knew it. I had the audacity to go out after work for a coworker's bday and missed most of Game 2. Now the Phillies are losing against the Rays. But of course as soon as I get in and flip to the game the Phillies hit a homer and score their first run of the night. Too bad it's the bottom of 8th now :(

Plus I'm semi-tipsy because my alcohol tolerance level is embarrassingly low (only had one drink and I was good for the night) so my lucky charms aren't working to their full potential. I had fun tonight though. Saw old coworkers/friends/Ryan from Single-ish again/other magazine writers/etc. My job is so cool sometimes :)

Game 2 final score: Rays 4, Phillies 2

Ugh...but can I add that the two runs the Phillies scored happened as soon as I turned the TV on? Thanks.

It's so bedtime. Drinks after work + Thursday night = no fun Friday morning


  1. um....we are rooting for the Rays;-)

  2. Um, you do know this means you and I are gonna have to fight, right? :)

  3. So you were the roll call above me and I'm glad! I'm enjoying reading your posts. I commented on your last post too...I've done the single traveling thing twice - once in the US and once overseas. You're going to have a blast!

    Sorry about Game 2. I am pretty sure I will never get to feel the excitement/disappointment of World Series watching as my beloved Texas Rangers will never pull it together long enough to get there. :)

  4. Hi Emily! Thanks so much for dropping in, I'm glad you liked :)

    And hey, you never know...maybe your team might make it next year? I think the people over in Philly are just as shocked as they are excited that the team actually made it.

  5. Phillies fan?! It's okay, we can still be blogging friends.

  6. Woman! Where have you been? I've been rooting for them for a bit now. Lol, and yes we can still be friends :)

    Are you rooting for the Rays?

  7. GO Phillies !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm Up in Canada and am a Blue Jays fan, BUT, the Phillies are my next pick!!!!
    Love your blog and good luck with your writing....

  8. FINALLY! Someone else who gives a crap about the Phillies (semi) around here!

    Thanks for the visit, Maggie! You are most definitely welcomed back around here :)

  9. I'm afraid to admit that I'm an MLB ignoramus. But, the next time I need to win an argument, I'll put it on YouTube so you can watch it, then I'll be sure to win!!!

    And thank you for stopping by my blog to say hello!

    - Margaret

  10. nanny, thanks for believing in my good luck charms :)

  11. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one following those strategies to ensure my team wins. I forgot my NU necklace and 5 turnovers later... they've lost 21-19 to a 2-5 team. Bleh.

  12. Not if the rain doesn't let up they won't. Boo.


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