Sunday, October 26, 2008

World Series Game 3

"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

That was all I could say when the Phillies broke the 4-4 tie at the bottom of the ninth to win Game 3 of the series! On their home turf no less. Thank the good Lord!!

I've been unbelievably tired most of the night (it's 1:50 in the a.m. folks) due to an incredible shopping spree my sis and I had today. Then Mother Earth had the cojones to rain on the night the Phillies would be playing their first World Series game on their field in 15 years. So the game was delayed by an hour and a half. Great game, but I'm glad they didn't have to go to extra innings. Btw, Jamie Moyer (above) was nothing short of impressive. That old man never ceases to amaze me (because he so old and yet so good). I still love Cole though.

Game 3 final score: Phillies 5, Rays 4

Two games down!! Game 4 later on tonight :)




  1. I gave up on the series when my astros got taken out of contention :( Glad you got a win tonight though. Found you on SITS, congrats on your saucy-ness!

  2. Unfortunately the Sox never made it past the Rays, so I stopped watching. Hope your Phillies fair better. I'm here from SITS, Congrats to your saucyness!!

  3. Saw you on SITS. Congrats on being featured this week.

  4. great blog u've got here ! i like it

  5. just say julie, thanks for breaking the news to me this morning; I had no idea! It was a lovely surprise. And I'm sorry your team got taken out. Here's what you can do instead. Root for the Phillies. A cheer for the Phillies is a cheer for America. Seriously.

    michaela, thanks so much for the visit! See suggestion above :p

    ioumou, no actually. I was born and raised in NYC. My ex-bf lives close to philly and looooooves that team. So in turn I got into them too, but really only started this season after we broke up. It was absolute torture watching them before, but now I know it'd make him so happy if they ever won the World Series so I've been cheering them on (which has been fun considering my dad's a Mets fan and the Phillies are their big rivals!)

    amanda, thanks so much!!

    tiffany, thanks for stopping by. hope you liked!

    mr style, gracias! (just trying to mix it up a bit)

  6. You cheer for the ex's team? So strange. I secretly hope all my ex-bfs' teams LOSE LOSE LOSE. Or is it not so secret? LOL

  7. Hahaha, yes Tooj, I cheer for his team only because I obviously still care about him and his happiness (even though he infuriates me sometimes/we've been losing touch). And because it's the first team someone took the time to talk to me about/explain so I know a lot more about this team than my home ones.


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