Sunday, October 26, 2008

World Series Game 4

Ok, how awesome was this game?! (That was a rhetorical. I'm sure none of you actually watched it.) The Phillies won yet again after hitting four (FOUR!) home runs and three of those times men were on bases.

Game 4 final score: Phillies 10, Rays 2

The Phillies are now one win away from the World Series Championship and they have a chance to do it on their home field tomorrow night at 8 pm (before heading back to FL if need be). Cole will be the starting pitcher and so I've added his picture to this post. That and because I just like looking at him :)

So it's bedtime and back to work tomorrow. Did you all enjoy your weekends? Mine was just a blur of shopping and baseball. Not bad, I think!



  1. I watched the game! I may be a Fl girl, but I was cheering for those Phillies. Okay so maybe I was doing other things and had the game on in the background, but I heard the score nonetheless.

    Shopping and baseball? sounds perfect!

  2. ...didnot watch any games, but... want to congrat you sweetie for all the awardsss that you've been getting. go girl!
    ;) Great new week to you...

  3. Yeah...did not watch the game. I got sucked into the TLC show about the family with 17 kids--and one more on the way!

    I lead a sad, sad life.

  4. Yay! Glad to hear that someone here a) semi-watched the game and b) cheered for the Phillies. Those poor Rays were a hot mess last night.

    lenore, thanks so much! Yeah it's a great start to another week. Hope you have an amazing one as well :)

    kelley, 17 children?!? Dear Lord...and I though John and Kate plus 8 was a zoo (but I love that show!)

  5. i love baseball...and we are totally watching the series here! fun!

  6. Ok, so I won't lie and say I watched the game cause I didn't, but thanks to your recap, I can walk around and know what happened anyway! (My guy friends will appreciate the passed on sports knowledge you've given me! I tend to be clueless, and they hate having to fill me in! :P)

    And aw thanks so much for your super sweet comment, my dear! :)


  7. momma, which team are you rooting for? ;)

    s-c, that's what I'm here for really. To watch the games, pretend I know what they mean when the announcers spew out RBI stats (actually no, never mind, I know what that actually means now) and read countless articles on Yahoo! sports and ESPN to later convert them into laymen's terms for you all. Something along the lines of:

    Phillies win, Rays lose.

    torrance, I refuse to jinx this. Last night I was on the phone with dad at the bottom of the 8th and he said I could go to sleep already because they were going to win. I was NOT taking any chances. What if the Rays scored 9 runs at the top of the ninth!?!

  8. Well, we are still rooting for the Rays (I know, hot messes that they are), but so glad someone else is up late with me!


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