Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Biz Quiz

A winner will be randomly chosen from those who submit the correct answer. Contest is open until 11 AM EST tomorrow and the answer will be revealed an hour later at noon. Since last week's winner never claimed the prize, it'll be the same one this time. The winner can then e-mail me his/her address so I can send over their goody. Good luck!


  1. washington mutual/ WAMU =) i hope... i think...

  2. I'm totally guessing, since this was all that I could come up with that was anywhere close.

    Washington Mutual

    Right? Wrong? So far off base that I was declared out for being out-of-bounds?

  3. My hubs guesses WAMU. LOL I think he's wrong. Whatever surfaced about the book club?

  4. I'm going to kick myself when I see what this is...it looks so familar I am sure I'll know...after you reveal the answer.

  5. I sent you an email with my address but I guess it never went through. it's okay though

  6. Aww I'm sorry Kelsey. Yeah, I never received it.

    I can you another little surprise if you resend your address :)


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