Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Madness

So the shopping frenzy kicked off today and already there have been casualties and injuries. People are ruthless when it comes to door busters and discounts! I've no clue what gifts I'll be giving away yet, so shopping anytime before that would only result in more stuff for myself.

In other news, I heard the Hess truck commercial on the radio yesterday while getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner so that means the holidays have officially begun for me. I actually started squealing like a surprised little girl. It gets me every time.

My other indicators that the holiday season is upon us:
- Seeing the Coca-Cola/polar bears commercial: I have watched those babies grow year after year.
- My radio stations turn to Christmas music 24/7 and for a whole month I honestly wish that there was a Christmas music station year round.
- Live Christmas tree stands start lining the streets and it forever smells of pine, which gets old after a while
- I hear an Adam Sandler song on the radio. Naturally, yesterday's hit was The Thanksgiving Song. His Chanukah songs shouldn't be far behind.

UPDATE: Hess truck commercial on TV!! Eeeeee! (It's really official now.)



  1. We have a radio station here that has been playing Christmas music since maybe the day after Halloween? They used to start right after Thanksgiving, but now they can't even wait that long.

    There are a couple billboards I see to and from work that have the Coca-Cola Santa on them now.

    And now that Thanksgiving is officially over, I can start listening to Christmas music myself, of all the cd's I have. I love Christmas music!

  2. Pretty soon all the blogs will be sporting their seasonal finery...


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