Saturday, November 8, 2008

Come On Get Happy

[My cousin Vilma wanted to write in and share her thoughts on happiness and questions why people choose to focus on the negative things in life. Do you agree with her views? Lord knows I always tend to focus on the non-important!]

Just one of those days...

We all have those days when everything seems "blah" in life. If your having one of those days read on, if not, read on as well.

Why are we always trying to figure out life or why certain things happen to us? Well, my friend, life is not meant to be figured out. It's suppose to be simple, but some people choose to make it complicated. You will fall in love and yes you will get burned many times. You will get a terrible haircut and think "why me." You will be in debt for the majority of your life and you may lose your job, but instead of dwelling on it, get over it and move on! You will lose a loved one or two, but guess what? You're not the only one.

It's human nature to feel down and depressed when these situations arise. At some point you have to realize that a lot of what happens to you is not controlled by you. So why stress over things that are not in your power? When you find yourself in these predicaments just think of all the wonderful people in your life - even if you just have one or two close friends. How about the two legs and two arms you were blessed with? Some people aren't as fortunate.

Think about that plate of rice and beans you are able to eat even if it's the same meal day after day. Yeah you got a terrible haircut, but it's hair! It grows back! And whoever is that shallow to notice it's a bad hair cut does not need to be in your circle. You may be in debt, pero you're not the only one. Pay off a little at a time, don't give yourself a headache and know that it will get paid when it's meant to get paid.

You may not have the job or man of your dreams, but at least you have air! I'm serious! Stop being shallow or materialistic. Enjoy what you've been given and where you are in life. Tomorrow is not promised.

The point of the story is don't be down today. Be glad! Be glad for the air you get to breathe each day. Be glad you have a coat on your back even if it's not the latest style. Be glad for the friends you have that won't judge you. Be glad for the small things in life. Don't worry about what people may or may not think of you, enjoy life to its fullest. Life is not meant to be difficult.

So step outside, close your eyes, take a deep breathe and be grateful you're alive. Be happy.... I am!



  1. very motivating... this should be copy and pasted and put on the wall for those down days....thanks vilms... ven aca youve been a silent dry as toast reader...get out and comment once in a while will you jeesh

  2. it sounds like such a simple prescription to life, but its so hard to maintain that positive view 24 hours a day. i guess little by little by putting forth some effort every day, i'll get to the place where i dont need to complain about those trivial things in life.

    im so glad youre happy, te lo mereces =]

    ps. hows my favorite bb javi?! VILMA SEND ME PICTURES!!!! (dont send dariany any cuz she didnt have the decency to even ask for him, hmph.)

    i miss u.

  3. hey just cus i didnt post her baby's name for the whole world to see dont mean i dont want to see pics...mojona yo te voy agarrar a ti for these past few days of abuse

  4. Very true!! We should learn to be grateful for what we do have instead of dwelling on what we don't have. Sounds easy enough but it sure takes work!

  5. I don't think I could have said it any better myself. I see too many people complaining about anything and everything. Life's too short. Enjoy life! Embrace the ups and downs, knowing that when things are down, the upside is coming. And remember, no matter how bad you think your life is, it's worse for someone else.

  6. Sounds great, I love being happy... will take this advice to heart! Love the photo too... and the little bit of spanish thrown in!!

  7. Yes. It's all about gratitude. I really believe that.

    Lovely post!

    :^) Anna

  8. Thanks to all... and Dariany I do comment every once in a while... I'm one of the anonymous ones ;) Have a happy day!!
    Javier is great by the way, he's HUGE! I'll send pics this week. Cioa love you all!

  9. Very true! Great post! I always try to live my life with the main purpose being to have fun. You only live once so you may as well enjoy the heck out of it! :)


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