Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 2: Relaxing is Hard Work

Dear Journal: I woke up with a start. The Cancun sun was blaring through my window, shining full force and begging me to come out and play. I check the clock: 6:55 am.

Hell no.

But after several attempts to go back to sleep I just decided to throw on some clothes and get ready for the day.

Even though Sunday was a day of total relaxation and do-nothingness, I accomplished quite a bit. I wrote out most of this story for work (and yes, I know I shouldn’t have done any of it while on vacay, but this one is very personal so I felt it’d be a great environment to write it in – and it was. I completed the story on my last day there). I also read, napped and in the late afternoon took a bus to the downtown area. The bus is so easy to take and I really wanted to get out of the resort for a bit. After a 15 cm Subway sandwich for dinner while watching Bringing Down the House on TNT, I went out to the beach…

It’s becoming a little habit I think. I sat on the steps leading down to the shore and again I just stared at the waves. I heard them crash. I smelled the fresh air. I felt the night chill. And I just sat there. At one point I thought, “I should get going,” but where to? So I made myself stay. I looked at the stars and wanted to send a little prayer up, but I couldn’t think of anything to say. So I just put my hands together and smiled. I felt I was going to be just great. And there I sat for a half hour doing nothing but watching, listening and giggling to myself.


  1. i'm so jealous!!!

    thanks for stopping by!

  2. I can't get over how BIG the sky looks there! Absolutely beautiful. Once again, I'm so inspired by you traveling alone!

    And um...whats up with the gold man and Alice? LOL

  3. Haha I went to one their shopping plazas and there were three live statues posing at the entrance. As a NY'er I usually ignore fools like these, but over there I was all "Aaaah! Look at them! So funny!"

    It was pretty lame. But then again I had all this time on my hands, what else was I to do?

    Btw, I assumed that was some rocker from KISS, but then again what on earth do I know about that stuff?

  4. I am really enjoying your recap.

    Keep 'em coming!

  5. Thanks so much! Three more to go :)

  6. Poor child. Living the rough life. How can you stand it?

  7. I pick my chin up, dust my shoulders off and tell myself that things will get better. Someone just has to set an example for today's youth.

  8. I think you have a few jealous readers, Dorkys.

    And yes, that is a member of KISS, not Alice Cooper.

  9. Now Im really wanting to go!

    Nice model/statue of Paul Stanley...


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