Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 4: Living Up the Last Day

Total beach bum day. I threw on my bathing suit and sat out on the beach until I thought I was going to pass out. I walked along the shoreline trying not to let the waves topple me over and checking out the other hotels (for future visits). I also did some people watching while flipping through Cosmo. I had an awesome lunch of ginormous mutant shrimp (had been craving the stuff for days), grilled vegetables and rice. And the strawberry daiquiri was yum-o! (Btw, I actually never had a martini while I was down there).

Dear Journal: I think everyone and their mother is here with their significant other. And of course as soon as I write that four guys walk by me along the shore! Well either way, most people here are paired off.

Yeah, I wish he were here. I mean I haven’t gotten all mopey about it, but he’ll pop into my head every now and then when I think of how romantic this place is.

So here I am on my last night in Cancun (and having dinner at the same restaurant as last night and again I’m famished). And guess what? To cap off this amazing trip, there’s an almost-full moon out tonight and there’s live music coming from an event out by the pools.

While I’m waiting for dinner to be served, I just wanted to say that:
-I like how the elevators smell like soothing incense thanks to the spa on the fourth floor.
-I love how freaking friendly everyone is around here.
-I love that no one ID’ed me for anything around here. What’s the legal drinking age here anyway? (If it's anything like DR, it'd be third trimester.)
-I’m so happy I finally got to see water that blue.
-I love the hotel room and how they fold the towels each day (although not realizing it’s back in its place and no longer where you left it by the shower stall until you’re already soaking wet is NOT COOL).

Tomorrow it’ll be back to the routine and real life. Blah. So overrated. Ooh, I have to go outside for my nightly ritual, but argh, it’s so noisy out there. I’ll just get out in the morning.

Or maybe I’ll run out tonight really quickly…


  1. omg i have a great idea, print out all the pics you took of just your legs, y comprate one of those connected frame thingies, idk i think ive seen em at tar-jay... those pics look great separately, together, theyd look so cool, como una historia de tu viaje... esp since i know theres another one of those coming... lol

    ps. i LOVE that you mention DR.. i think were breaking her down dariany!

  2. Oooh, it looks like you had such a nice time! You make me want to go there! What was the name of the hotel that you stayed at?

    The pictures are so pretty!

  3. ohhhh a dacquari...*sigh*

    Reminds me of living in New Orleans...they actually had drive thru dacquari shacks there...

  4. wtf?! drive through daiquiri places?! we barely have drive through anythings here! Dorkys we are clearly living in the WRONG city... hmph.

  5. It looks as beautiful as I remember it. Now if I can just convince my hubs that going somewhere sunny is a GOOD idea.....

  6. I know!! Sign me up for drive throu---

    wait a minute...


  7. oti, have more faith, they are not drinking and driving... they are merely bringing the drink home.. THEN they consume their alcoholic beverage =)

  8. lol i was thinking the same thing about the driving like wtf? driving and anything alcoholic put together not cool...and yeah Damaris like u can actually picture a daiquiri dique in one of those to go cups with a lid instead of in a nice v shaped glass or plastic

    PS. it just takes time a lil more and shell be planning her next trip a year in advance like we do lol

  9. I'm so glad you shared your trip with us. Next time, we're all tagging along in your suitcase so we can enjoy it firsthand.

  10. I've just found your blog and just wanted to tell you how great i think it is!

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip! Such lovely relazing images, it's great to read about what you're up to!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. hey, i saw a full moon too, that was on friday right? dont you just love catching a glimpse of it?

  12. welcome back, dorkys! i'm catching up with your posts. so happy that you had a wonderful trip. thanks for sharing it with us. your pictures are stunning, love the one with the full moon. *sigh*

  13. I'm so jealous! I love your pictures!!!!!


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