Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Home Decor

Hello everyone! This is Joy visiting from my blog over at Joy De Vivre Design while Dorkys is taking what I hope is a wonderful and relaxing vacation.

The other night I was watching a tv show about what not to do when decorating your home. As an interior design student I often watch these shows, but for some reason this particular one seemed very harsh and critical. Instead I think we should focus on the positive, things TO do, instead of picking apart the negative.

1. A great wallpaper, even in a small amount like on an accent wall, can make any room come alive.
Exhibit A: from Walnut Wallpaper

Exhibit B: from (a little more sophisticated, but just as much fun)

Both of these websites have many other styles of wall coverings to match any decor from vintage to modern to 70's patterns that would have made the Partridge Family come on and get happy!

2. If your walls and furniture are neutral, why not add a touch of color with a great rug:

This one is from the Andy Warhol collection, which can be found at many places, being one of them. This particular rug is great because it will match almost any other color you may already have in your room.

3. A great piece of furniture will make your room a cut above the rest, sometimes you may need to splurge, but other times you can find something wonderful at an even more wonderful price.

Exhibit A
from Anthropologie

How could anyone possibly have a bad day when they know they have this happy chair to come home to?

Exhibit B
from Urban Outfitters

This is such a girlie sofa that it makes me want to redo my entire living room, just to have a reason for it. I am sure that my hubby probably wouldn't feel so inspired by a new more feminine look though!

4. Find great unexpected accessories.

Exhibit A
from Anthropologie
which always tempts me with its very expensive lighting fixtures
Exhibit B
from Uncommon Goods
I have seen many letters at different places, but these I found very unique as they are recycled tin.

Exhibit C
from Anthropolgie
(geez I am starting to see that I need to get a part time job there so that I can get a discount on my wish list!)

Well, I had a great time visiting over here at Dry as Toast and feel free to come and visit me over at my home in blog land!


  1. Great guest post - something I wouldn't normally have clicked on to read about, but I really enjoyed it and might have to do so more often. :) Thanks!

  2. this is jst making me wish i actually had the means to move out on my own =( im sure my mom wouldnt appreciate me re-doing all her "hard" decorating work...

    slight sidenote: Miss. Dry As Toast herself is back safe and sound in her apartment and although she claims shes exhausted i wouldn't be surprised if she posts a little something something tonight.

    -lots o' love,
    the sis

  3. No! I really am exhausted! But I was here earlier on reading what you guys had to say and assessing the damage (note to self: no more scheduling players while I'm away).

    I'll be back with details as soon as I can.

    But the trip was amazing to say the least. Now it's bedtime...because in Mexico I'd be in bed around 8pm no joke.

  4. oh bed? really? i was gonna come over for some lovin' and to see if some of the mexican heat and tan you caught over there could rub off... never mindddddd!

  5. Really great post I love it
    I wish I had everything there.

  6. The happy chair makes me smile.
    I wish I had my own house to decorate! xx

  7. Listen woman, I would not be recommending wallpaper to anyone. I had to remove wallpaper or paint over it on almost every wall surface of our 25 y.o. home. It was horrible. I say take the time and make the design with paint.

  8. amazing pattern for wall , can you post some modern pattern fro kids room like pc wallpapers


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