Monday, November 24, 2008

I Heart Town Shop

Today I finally went to the Mecca for bras. I’d been hearing about this so-called Town Shop from my coworkers for the past six months. About how awesome it is. About how you’re most definitely wearing the wrong size. About how everyone who's shopped there has been enlightened and amazed. But most of all about Eyvette, the miracle worker who will find your correct size just by looking at you – no matter how big or small you are.

Obviously I wasn’t buying into the hype until I was in that fitting room myself. And boy did I. Eyvette was just the sweetest woman who rolled in with cute piece after the cutest piece to try on – and she was pretty much spot on with the size each time! So as with every other person my friend/coworker has taken in, my first visit with Eyvette ended in hugs and thank yous.

So goodbye GapBody and hello Town Shop!

2273 Broadway at 82nd Street

Sigh, now if only I could easily find size 00 jeans at a store whose name does not start with Limited and end with Too…



  1. hahaha :D
    by the way I visiting NYC during the winter!!

  2. ok dude you failed to mention the prices....this place sounds great since i can only find well fitting bras at VS but you know those prices be killing me sometimes especially since my size costs more

  3. Would be nice to have a place around here like that. But then, I probably couldn't afford it anyway.

  4. There is a place around here. Her name is Mary (I think) and she's in Lombard. She even boasts about how she'll fit you into a pair of jeans. I haven't gone yet, but I'm planning it.

  5. We have a place like that around here. Those of us that have been converted send others there and after visiting they believe too.

    Welcome to a good bra!! It is sooo worth the money.

  6. How much do the bras go for?

  7. It's on my To Do list to find a right size bra. And you just reminded me to do so. Thanks!

  8. franco, awesome! I'm sure you'll have so much fun here :)

    dariany, I can't mess with Victoria's. Not necessarily because of the prices, but because their size ranges are not for me.

    chicagolady, there should be a Town Shop in every city.

    wife o riley, hmmm maybe she could find a pair for me?

    heidi, it so is!! It's wonderful really.

    anonymous, I don't know since I didn't look at all they had in the store (you pretty much get ushered into a dressing you room and they bring you a bunch in your size), but my coworker who's been there plenty of times told me they range from $40-much higher.

    sugarlens, get on it! I knew I was wearing the wrong size to begin with, but people who swear they do are probably wrong.

  9. Im with would be nice if there was a place around here like that. We had one similar to it when we were living in Garland (east of Dallas) was called The Maddox House. Very helpful and even made adjustments for those of us that dont exactly fit in an off the rack type bra.

  10. That's great; these people do the same. They'll take it in and adjust straps if need be free of charge.

  11. $40 plus much higher ... oh Lord.. not in these economic times.
    : (

  12. yikes. 40 is steeeep. But glad you're happy.

  13. That looks like a cool place! I will have to add that one to my shopping list next time I am in town!

  14. I forgot to tell you also, thanks for the comment about my speech class! :) I am just glad to have it OVER! LOL!


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