Friday, November 7, 2008

I May Have to Draw the Line Here

Two triple cheeseburgers for $3? Ew.


  1. I saw the commercial and thats disgusting. 1 tripple is disgusting, imagine 2! nausea!!!

  2. as disgusting i think Mc is and how bad I feel after I eat one, their big mcas

  3. umm ew, they might as well say "calling all fatties, calling ALL fatties!"

    i know one fatty who is in dire want of more wgt and may turn to these death burgers.

    shell show up around here soon enough... youll see....

  4. lmao dama im gonna kick your ass...i will not turn to these because i can barely scarf down a number 1 imgaine 2 triple cheeseburgers, ive never even tasted one before... but hey guys mickey d's is not that bad

  5. heidi, I actually heard it on the radio while I was getting ready this morning and I just couldn't believe it. I'm sure you forgot, but remember in h.s. I'd buy the two double cheeseburgers for like a buck or two after school and I'd inhale them before the third stop (West 4th St.) on the train! And this was pretty much every day. I wonder how my heart didn't explode like that coke bottle up top...)

    franco, I'm pretty much Mickey D's biggest fan, but this is a tad too much I think.

    dama, At first I thought you were talking about me! Then the real fatty came along...

    dariany! hee hee, it's ok. Love you anyway. I want to be a fatty too someday :p

  6. McDonalds is fine once in a while. But that 2 double cheesburgers things is wayyy too much.

    Fyi, I remember you eating the 2 cheeseburgers daily, lol.

  7. As much as I love and (due to this eating adjustment Im on cant have them) really crave cheeseburgers....the thought of triples is down right nauseating.

  8. I used to be able to eat McD's burgers, but now they are just too greasy for me. I'll look for anything else but McD's if I'm hungry.


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