Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lazy Sunday

So it's Sunday afternoon and I'm chilling (literally) in my apartment. I think my radiators are on strike again so I'm fully dressed and still lounging around the house in my wonderful new bathrobe from Target. It's so soft and warm, I could wear it all day (and I just might)!

When it's this cold outside don't you just feel like sleeping in all day? Burrowing under the cozy covers and snuggling with your boo (or pillow...we don't discriminate here). Thing is some of us have actual work to do (and snuggling with a stuffed object only makes us feel even more loser-ish), so where on Earth do we find the motivation to get things done when you're functioning at half capacity? Sure, I could just throw the day away and use it for some much needed R&R, but I pretty much did the same the last few days and I have stuff due tomorrow. Boo.

Maybe I should:

-Do some jumping jacks on the bed to get my blood flowing
-Pump up the radio and sing at the top of my lungs
-Run laps around my tiny apartment
-Down a couple spoonfuls of sugar to wake up
-Remind myself that this work week is only 2.5 days long and will be over before I know it!

What do you guys do to get your heart rate pumping when it's feeling extra sluggish?

Either way, I hope you all enjoy your lazy (or productive for you overachievers) Sundays :)



  1. Oh my goodness... How I long for Target!!! Hey... I stayed in ALL day today. Can you believe it snowed for about a half an hour this afternoon but it didn't stick to the ground... Big flakes, though!! It's the first of the season... It only snowed here once last year!!!
    Take care and enjoy your Sunday!!! -- Leesa

  2. I have two papers due on Tuesday....and even though I've been home all day I've found soo many other things to do that do not include writing....I'm just not in the writing I guess no help from here

  3. leesa, thank the Lord it's yet to really snow in the city. I'm so not ready to participate.

    dariany, you have to be in the right frame of mind to write well. For me it's either non-stressed clarity or last-minute panic. I wait for the first to arrive for as long as I can and usually end up resorting to the second.

  4. Hey! I'm "chilling" too, all though I think I'm too cool now to chill, I'm near freezing at this point! :P

    And wait why is your work week only 2.5 days?! Oh maybe cause Thanksgiving? Hm, you must get a better break than I do, I work 4 days this week, I only have Thursday and Friday off, though I guess that's more days than I usually get off in a week! ;)


  5. Yeah I work Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday is a half day!

  6. Pretty robe...personally Im more of a zip-front robe kinda gal though. Wish I could just lounge around in it today but I have about 4-5 loads of laundry and a bike ride to do. I think while Im at it, I'll freshen up my kitchen...pack away the iced tea maker and get the hot tea maker out. MMMMmmm tea....a nice pot of tea sounds good.. *gets distracted and wanders off*

  7. Cold weather stinks. That's all there is to it.

    You get the letter "L". Good luck!

  8. I think that it is okay to chill out sometimes. A lazy Sunday can be refreshing and you will be well prepared for the work week.

  9. Ooooh! The robe looks extra cozy! I just finished making some mexican hot chocolate and now I'm about to lounge on the bed and watch some shows on my DVR.

  10. I love your dedication.
    I have a storyboard due tomorrow for TV production and a sidebar due on Tuesday for newspaper..and I have opted to lay in bed reading Cosmo, lounge around, eat pumpkin pie and go to Costco...Guess who's going to stay up extra late tonight?!

    YAY For 2 day work weeks!!

  11. That is so weird, I am caught in the same type of day. I finally just put my ipod in my ears and am singing while I clean.. It actually helped a lot.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of the Sunday and thank you so much for your sweet words:)

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

    Do you drink tea (or coffee). That gets my blood flowing every morning.

  13. I was an overachiever of sorts...I went outside and got even colder and got nothing done!

  14. Lol, Iggy I was JUST reading about your niece's soccer game when you left your comment! I would've parked by the bleachers and watched from the car.

  15. Normally my Sundays are busy, going to my aunt's house, having lunch, going to a movie. But today I had other plans. Those plans did NOT include sleeping until 1pm, but I did it anyway. I went to a candle/tastefully simple party at 2pm. Nothing like waking up with a start at 1pm, and realizing you have less than an hour to be someplace, lol.

  16. I usually do some yoga!

    Yes-I didn't understand the phenomena of Twilight, and then I started reading, and now I'm officially in the cult!

  17. I love sundays...and I love your I"ve given you the I love your Blog award..come by and grab it....

  18. To get going for me it takes doing something like dishes...mindless, but enough to get me up and moving.

  19. I did have sort of a nice, lazy Sunday - I did clean the whole house which was giving me a calming effect..

    Love the pic - too cute:)

  20. oh yes it's getting super chilly here too, for some reason I sleep better when it's cold outside.

  21. Hi sweetie, I'm finally back!
    Stay warm dear... Hot tea perhaps?
    Great new week to you dear...

  22. hope i'm not too late for the party but here's my 2 cents:
    when i'm feeling lazy, i either
    *just go with the flow and be really, really lazy
    *walk around the block and up and down the hills
    *take a long, hot shower
    *call my friends and talk for hours!

  23. Actually and this is no surprise to anyone who looks at my blog.....I think of flowers and I am ready to rock n roll!

  24. I say, stay in bed! SOmedays we just need to take a load off -

    BTW, I will definately share my final Christmas picture with everyone once my cards are all delivered!

    Make it a great day!

  25. A tablespoon of crack does the trick. You'll get loads of work done

  26. Thanks for visiting me and leaving me some SITSa Love!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  27. crack is wack. try a spoonful of sugar ^_^


    have i told you lately that i love you?

    have i told you theres no one else above you?

    fill my heart with gladness,

    take away all my sadness...

    ease my troubles thats whats u do.

  28. Tarjay....oh I miss Target. I've been in france now for 2 months and I haven't tought of target until today...le sigh!

    I say take a day off...if you don't feel it then you don't feel it. hard to get motivated when it's just not there. Maybe your body is saying take a break....nothing wrong with that.

    i'm originally from So. California, warm, sunny and now in southwest france - it's been cold and rainy...i miss the sun, but for now I get to snuggle under the covers and take naps when it's cold and rainy.

  29. I say pump up the radio and sing at the top of your lungs.
    Being in a robe all cozy (well, sort of cozy for you - radiator problems and all) sounds really lovely to me.

  30. I'd turn on the oven and get workin on a casserole or some fabulous peanut butter cookies! The oven is always a great way to warm up our fickle apartment. One day it's hot, one day it's cold. Stay warm!

  31. Thanks for stopping by the card blog today! YOU MADE MY DAY!! Thank you!

    Can I use any more exclamation (sp?) points? : )

  32. tooj, thanks! I'll get on it.

    renee, definitely. I ended up doing no work whatsoever.

    aubrey, yum...wish I was doing just that right now! But I'm at work instead...

    kelsey, did you finish your project??

    leigh, oh singing is always a sure-fire pick-me-up!

    heathersister, I don't drink coffee (I grew up with the notion that coffee stunts your growth...and then I didn't grow anyway) and I drink tea when my tummy hurts, but it does help calm down my nerves!

    chicagolady, yipes! Hope you didn't look like a hot mess once you got there ;)

    yaya, I used to do it at home and that lasted all of one week tops. I'm bad when it comes to exercising, which is probably why I lack energy sometimes. I always say I'll start it up again, but have yet to do so.

    noah's mommy, thanks so much!!

    colby & maki, I'm the same way!! Why is it that house chores can be so relaxing at times? When I'm feeling extra anxious I start cleaning the tub or washing dishes. I guess doing something repetitive helps get your mind off other stuff.

    franco, Yup! I think my body wants to go into hibernation mode when the chill sets in.

    lenore, so happy to hear you're back! Loved your post about the trip. Can we expect pictures?

    odessa, I actually did most of those this weekend! Hot shower? check. Talk on the phone for hours to catch up? check. Become a total bum? check!

    I didn't walk up and down hills, but on Saturday my sis walked around 34th street and did some shopping. I think that counts.

    darla, I actually planted a couple plants some months ago and now they're all dead. Boo.

    gaspegirl, I like the way you think. And I can't wait to see the final product!

    anonymous, you have issues woman!

    amanda, thanks so much for stopping by!

    dama, love you too :)

    our juicy life, target is the best. It's really reason enough to stay in the states forever. And I agree, sometimes we just need to listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us. Stay in bed? No sense arguing with that one! (Obviously I only condone this behavior on weekends). Hope France has brightened up a bit :)

    heidi, it honestly was so comfy! I turned on the radio for a bit and then just vegged out the rest of the day.

    ritch in love, ooh yes! Good idea. I don't know how to make any of that stuff, but my crumb cake from a box always turns out yummylicious. I've been thinking of baking one for my coworkers tonight since tomorrow is a half day :)

    kelley, you're welcome!! The site looks great. And I think you can.

    *Phew! That was a lot!

  33. the title of your post reminded me of a HILARIOUS snl sketch with chris parnell and andy sanberg, where they's called "Lazy Sunday"- have you heard it? you must watch it.

    sorry this has nothing to do with the rest of your post...


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