Friday, November 28, 2008

NYC for the Holidays

You know what's one negative thing about living in NYC? When contests boast about an awesome trip to the city, you're left thinking, "Yeah, so what? I already live here."

But I know to many people that would be a dream (I should know; I try to dodge each and every one of them on my way to work on Times Square) and I couldn't imagine spending this time of year anywhere else. I once went to Florida during the winter and the swaying palm trees decked in lights was just not cutting it for me. I need snow, hats and scarves, people rushing about with their bags of goodies and the warmth is just that much sweeter when you've nearly lost limbs to the cold.

So to those looking to visit the city that never sleeps (it's because of all the noise really) or NY'ers who want to know where's what and when, here's a mini guide for you:

Rockefeller Center's (47th to 50th Streets and 5th to 7th Avenues) tree lighting ceremony will take place Wednesday, December 3rd. The date is subject to change so check their site for updated info. If you want to skate around the rink, admission is $19 and skate rentals are $9. And let me know how it goes because I've never skated there myself. I just watch from above, pointing and laughing at the poor souls who fall.

If the price of skating by the ginormous tree is too steep for you, then how about skating by many small trees? In Central Park that is. Admission into Wollman Rink, located on the East Side between 62nd and 63rd Streets, is $12 and skate rentals are $5.

Still too high? Then seriously, why are you even in this city? Well, luckily for you there's still hope. Hold on to your wallet and head on over to The Pond at Bryant Park instead. If you bring your own skates you can skip the $12 rental fee and get in completely free. That's right, no admission whatsoever. They even offer free lessons Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 9-11 AM! (It gets an exclamation because I just realized this.) Cool, huh? There's hope for this city after all.

Their Holiday Tree lighting ceremony will take place Tuesday, December 2nd at 7 PM.

If you're one of those people that go nuts over department store windows, below is a list of the popular ones. I never really understood why people went so crazy over them until Mr. First and I inadvertently walked by Macy's when they were unveiling theirs last year. I didn't care much about them, but I got swept along in the excitement watching them rip that paper off and seeing their beautiful moving displays. It was kind of cool. But then again, I'm also kind of lame.

*Macy's, Broadway between 34th and 35th Streets
*Lord & Taylor, 39th Street and 5th Avenue
*Saks Fifth Ave, 49th Street and 5th Avenue
*Bergdorf Goodman, 58th Street and 5th Avenue
*Bloomingdale's, 59th Street and 3rd Avenue
*Barneys, 61st Street and Madison Avenue

And if you're trying to make that money go just a little further, the city has just highlighted a number of popular spots that offer free and low-cost admissions and activities. Which is good since I'm sure it's already costing you a fortune to stay here for a couple days.

Oh, one more thing: if you're out and about and need to find a potty, check out Charmin's newly reopened restrooms on 46th and Broadway. I used one two years ago and it was lovely. The carpet was soft and the private rooms were so clean you almost forget it's a public restroom - almost. Plus, I'm pretty sure I wanted to take the person dressed as the Charmin bear home with me.

Hope this helps!



  1. Christmas in NYC is the best...wish I can b there ;)

  2. Sounds like a fun adventure! One day I hope to make it to NYC, whether it's winter or summer, I know there's so much to see and do there.

  3. My mom, sister and I went there one Christmas season and had a blast! We went and saw The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. (Before they toured the country) I just love New York!

  4. I honestly do not miss the freezing temp up North, but I do miss the beauty of winter there.

    I'm so jealous Dorkys for you being there and looking at those beautiful Holiday decorationn in the city!!!

  5. It's amazing what you can find in the way of a "public" toilet - some of the swank hotels have really awesome ones. Some have spectacular marble counters and walls, mirrors, lighting for every mood, fixtures (both chrome and gold plated).

    On the otherhand, some of the restaraunts have "facilities" that just shout "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!"

    Someone should do a guidebook - if its not been done already...

  6. Haha, I usually go into a store I know has restrooms like Gap, Old Navy or Target. But if I'm nowhere near one of those there's always a Starbuck's or McDonald's no more than a block away from wherever you are.

    (I'd prefer Starbuck's though.)

  7. I've been to NYC a few times, but never at Christmas. I really, really want to do that at some point in my life. When that happens I'll be referencing this list!

  8. Oh...I've never been to nyc before, but I can only imagine the excitement and the busyness during this season. I'd love to visit one day :)

  9. What a helpful list. Wish I was going to NYC this winter so I could put it into a good use.

  10. I wish I could be in NYC for Christmas! You're right, when you can SWIM in the pool under the palm trees on Christmas, well that's just sad.
    My neighbors spend Christmas on the beach, how strange is that!?


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