Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Wins Election

Ok, sorry for the burst of exclamations last night, but there was no way I could form full sentences after Barack Obama's win. I've never felt prouder than I did when I saw all those people standing in Grant Park chanting "Yes, we can" along with their future president. (Btw, how on Earth you stay that composed while delivering a speech of this magnitude is beyond me.) And let's not forget the tally of electoral votes: 338 to 163 (and three states are still processing!). How badly did we want this?! How long have we waited for this to come?

And I wasn't just proud of Joe Biden and Obama (and the fact that he's getting that puppy for his little girls); I was also happy to hear McCain's concession speech (except for the boo'ers in the crowd). I hope he does follow through on his promise to work together. Obama might have won, but there are still so many who doubt his ability to point the country in the right direction, to start fixing what's been plaguing this nation and to once again instill hope in its people.

So to each party on either side of the divide I beg you: put aside your differences, realize that the country is one hell of a hot mess and admit that the best way to clean it up is by rolling up your sleeves and coming together.

All in all this election was historic and no less than inspirational. And as we all know, hope is a wonderful and powerful thing.



  1. Well I must confess I am not a fan of Obama, and frightened of the what he may do or not do for this country (especially since he and Biden seem to be leaning towards socialism and captialism which have been proved repeatedly as failed and corrupted systems), however I can say I am quite happy to see someone of a different race in office (really a shame it took so long, as for some time we have been a racially diverse country), and even though I do like him and what much of what he stands for, I will try to support and pray that Obama will do okay leading this country. :)


  2. I prayed for him to win and now I pray that he can do the right thing. Its a long road ahead of us. But I believe we have a good leader :-)

  3. OBAM won? wow I never would'a guessed when every blog has it posted, lol, yeah he won, but as i said before he was still mess things up, people think he's the next coming of chirst. so funny.

  4. I's time to put aside the differences and TRUST. : )

  5. I can't trust his word until he actually follows through on it. When was the last time a Democrat actually reduced taxes? When my paycheck increases next year because he got tax cuts passed through a far left leaning Congress, then I might start to believe.

  6. I was proud last night as I listened to both men speak. What a beautiful concession speech Senator McCain gave. I believe that he will serve at the pleasure of the President, and I hope the rest of the country will watch and listen to our newly-elected President's speech several times. It was nothing short of magnificent. We needed to hear what he had to say. For our country to become the very best version of itself, we have to do the hard work. WE have to become the very best version of ourselves, and I believe that President Obama will inspire us to do just that.

    We have a newly elected President who has called each American to help make this country better. Stronger. Healthier.

    Will I do my part and serve at the pleasure of the President? Gladly. And for the first time in my adult life, with a renewed sense of hope and excitement.

  7. I'm Canadian but have followed your election closely. The speeches made by both McCain and Obama were wonderfully moving speeches.

    Looking forward to the next few what happens with you guys affects us - your neighbors. :)

  8. There so much work to be done it boggles the mind.

    Our economy needs some 'real' sustainable, useful productivity in it - not just Starbucks and CVS stores - and certainly not more housing developments (which might be the only thing we make in American anymore besides weapons and trash).

  9. Historical moments!
    It's time for each one of us to fix this great nation...

  10. its not jst that there are doubters, its that this country is in THAT bad of a position. I cant even fathom how one begins to fix the damage thats been done... thank God im not president... grad school stresses me out, imagine fixing a country thats seen the reign of bush for 8 yrs?


    i still get goosebumps, eek! =]

  11. Oh I was a blubbering idiot last night and today I'm just in a happy state of disbelief.

    Oh the puppy made me cry. He's going to be amazing. It's so comforting to have someone in there we can trust to do the right thing.

  12. There's a lot of work to be done because of the retard in office the last eight years; if McCain had won, he wouldn't have seen any need to fix stuff, so I think we're better off with Obama. I'm also glad that we finally have a skilled orator for a President--listening to Bush is like nails on a chalkboard. 'Nucular', indeed.

    What I have to say to the people with "Socialist/Communist" fears: it wasn't Socialism or Communism that got us into the financial mess we're in today. It was CAPITALISM RUN RAMPANT. Someone is going to have to take a stand in order to regulate these unaccountable companies and the stockmarket that lives and dies with them. I don't know why people think that means Obama is a freaking Socialist. It's called 'common sense'.

    Um, anyways. Yay Obama :)

  13. I agree. It was so moving. I couldn't believe how emotional I was about it. Just beautiful.

    I heard a Tupac/JayZ rap remix with Obama this morning on the radio and it was PHENOMENAL. It brought me to tears. I am so happy they are our new first family.

  14. Even being in Canada, I was very happy to see him win. That Sarah Palin chick was scary!

  15. This is so exciting. I can't wait until January 20th!!!

  16. I really enjoyed both of their speeches as well. I think they both did a great job! I loved seeing Obama's daughters and thought that was such a cool thing being on that stage that they would remember forever. I just wish his grandmother could have held on a little longer to see him win the election.

  17. Great to see the annals of history being etched on a different level right beofre our eyes! Let's hope he does a good job. Or else, it'll be another 4 years!


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