Thursday, November 20, 2008

People Who Make Me Want to Scream

-Public Displayers of Affection (especially when I'm very much single)

-Smokers who walk in front of me or sit next to me at the park when I'm trying to have a zen moment

-People who can't tell the difference between "to," "two" and "too"

-Blatant litterers

-NYC drivers on cellphones - without a hands-free device

I just encountered three out of five on my commute home. It was a good day.

So let it out guys, who or what makes you want to borderline hurt somebody?

UPDATE: I needed to add rowdy teens on the train who make me absolutely embarrassed to be Latina! It's a wonderful start to the day really.



  1. Oh oh! The to two too thing toooooooooo! (that's too) And people who chew with their mouths open...especially when they're chewing gum. Seriously, why do people think that gum chewing should be treated differently than food chewing? It makes just as much, if not more noise, and I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR TONGUE rolling that sh*t around and popping it incessantly in my ear. asked. LOL

  2. hahahaha sorry that just made me bust out laughing!

  3. omg i shall vent!!

    1. ppl who dont say thank you when i hold the door open for them, psh they get a big fat YOURE WELCOME with a side of attitude.

    2. ppl who bump into me and dont apologize either, they a rude comment with a side of attitude and a dash of eyes rolling so far back into my head they might get lost.

    3. BEASTS who try to rush onto the train before ppl get out or who block the door, the ppl who rush in, get shoved and damns and wtfs thrown their way. the people who block get a cpl nice excuse mes.. if it fails? some shoves as well.

    4. ppl who look at me on the bus while im on the phone. yes i know im on public transportation, but i also know im not talking mad loud, so stop looking at me lady, cuz imma look right back at you and stay on the phone just to annoy you... psh maybe im even faking it.

    5. beasts behind wheels. yes the light just turned green, and i know you noticed cuz ure honking all wild, but guess what those other drivers, they noticed too! theyre jst not beasts like you!

    6. to too two, theyre their there, hear here, pear pair, pretty much all confused homophones... i enjoyed learning the shit out of those in school, umm was i the only one?

    7. if were chatting/ txting and i say something mad long blah blah, and its youre turn to reply and you say lol. umm no.

    8. the pda thing can be cute, unless im listening to bachata on my ipod y amargando me la vida, then my friend you suck.

    9. smokers in my face, smokers in the park.

    10. ppl who bombard me with qs jst cuz i missed their call, calm down! yes i saw you called, and? a call is a question and i can choose to answer NO. or maybe i honestly missed it, but it does not mean im dead. maybe i was doing something way important, maybe i wasnt, but stop all the interrogation over a missed call!

    11. ppl who question why im doing something a certain way, or wearing a certain item, or question why i hole myself up at home at times. i is me, u is not. leave me be!

    i might come back, this is very therapeutic

  4. oh man, if I had known I'd laugh this much from this post I'd've written it ages ago. AGES! Now then dear sis, let us see:

    1. How about when you hold the door for them to come and grab it...but instead they mosey on through. That's why I only hold it a crack.

    2. Especially true in the madhose that is Times Square.

    3. Oh Lord yes!! Some weeks ago I was waiting for some people to get out and this guy (I didn't see his face) walked up behind me and said, "Hellooo! Miss!"
    So I said without turning around, "There are people coming out."
    "And how long are you gonna wait?" he asked stupidly.
    "Until they come out...?" I retorted.

    4. I HATE when I'm reading or writing something and the person next to me doesn't even try to hide that he's reading my stuff! Geez, at least do like I do: look straight ahead and shift your eyes so far right they're going to pop out of your ear.

    When I notice them staring I pretend something uber-interesting just pop into mind and I close my book or shift my angle.

    5. Yet another reason why I don't drive in the city.

    6. Apparently. I guess no one got down with Hooked on Phonics like we did. Sure as hell worked for me.

    7. Or when you text and they have the audacity to call you back!! No! I texted because I don't want to hear your voice! Get with the program.

    8.PDAs (haha, I typoed and wrote PSAs) are only semi-ok when you're the participant.

    9. I have this growing disdain for smokers, it just grows day by day. Now I don't even try to hide the fact that I'm avoiding your cloud of toxins so I'll swerve and abruptly change directions when I see I'm about to walk right into one. Or I'll try to wave the air around.

    10. Dad just called four times in a row. If I didn't take your call the first two times, I'm probably not going to take it the next four. Leave a message. Maybe I'll text you back.

    11. For real. So the next time you ask why I look like such a bum every day, I shall plead the 11th.

  5. I laughed at the to, two, and too. Good one. I also hate when people don't use your and you're correctly. People blabbing away on their cell phones while driving and in restaurants (everyone can HEAR you!) makes me want to scream.

  6. LOL! I thought I was the only one bothered by some of that stuff.

  7. to, too, two....check
    their, there, they're....check
    you, you're, your ...check

    I cannot explain why it bugs me just does. Also, traffic. silent {and not so silent} RAGE.

  8. Aww you're so right and the lists are so true!!!! Is it illegal to drive while on cell phone without the headset??? The way New Yorkers drive, they can totally kill somebody!

  9. -People who are unconciously rude or don't take someone's feelings in consideration when they speak.
    - My noisy neightboards

  10. You're pleading the 11th what?

    I agree with the to, two, too; they're, there, their; I guess bad grammar in general is annoying to me. Speaking intelligently doesn't make you smart, but people won't think you're stupid.

    The ringing cell phone in the middle of a movie theatre? Is there anyone left in this country that hasn't seen the message at the beginning asking you to turn it off?

    Elevators, like the subway cars, with people wanting to get on before letting people off. The doors open, you want to get off, but there's someone coming at you, and you have to wait for them to stop and realize "Oh, someone might actually be IN the elevator that just arrived." DUH!

    People in cars who think they own the road. The ones that speed up to get around you, just to come to a sudden stop at the light you're approaching. Like that got him/her anywhere???

    Or the people on the interstate that cut off the semis, not thinking that one of these days, they will be killed when the truck is unable to stop because you left them less than a car length space when you pulled in front of them going 65 mph.

    Ok, I think that's enough torture for now.

  11. people who stand too close behind me in line...always at the airport waiting to check in, or security lines.

    also, people who love drama; starting rumors, spreading gossip, or just KNOWING things that are going on in other ppl's lives, relationships, etc etc. GAHHHHH.

    also, i loved the "zen moment" statement...i actually laughed out loud!

  12. One came to mind right away.

    People who use cellphones while driving and resulting in bad driving (changing lanes w/o looking, driving insanely slow, etc).

    I don't mind people using cellphones when driving, just as long they still drive normally and carefully.

  13. I'd go with all the above plus a few more:

    People that drive on the wrong side of the road to get up to a lefthand turn lane - and those with turn arrows that sit in the intersection until the light turns red and then plug up the turn lane light for the traffic going crosswise.

    People that think turning their emergency blinkers on makes it legal to park anywhere they feel like. People that do this ten feet from a legal parking spot because they are too lazy to walk 20 feet.

    Donut munching cops that never seem to enforce the law nor do they serve as good role models as they fail to stop at stop signs, use turn indicators, park illegally and so on, themselves...

  14. heidi, I only don't mind when the convo is juicy. Hey if you're talking that loudly it's because you WANT us to hear all the sordid details.

    ladystyx, not at all!

    love maegan, traffic is the worst! Especially when I know I'm wasting valuable gas just sitting there. I-95 and the G. Dub Bridge are the bane of my existence.

    maki, yup it's illegal here and in NJ and several other places, which is why I get heated when I see someone on it, almost cause an accident and then look around wondering how on Earth did that almost happen. Fools.

    franco, ooh yes. I hate when I realize that I moved into the apartment below the horse stables.

    chicagolady, I was referring to my sis' comment right above mine, #11 in particular. Also annoying, when someone sitting in front of you flips open their cell in the dark theater and you're blinded by the light. I find it funny when people in their little sports cars rev up their engines to go five feet at 100 mph only to stop abruptly. Gas-wasting show-offs.

    blythe, YES!! I know in NYC the concept of personal space is foreign because we all live on top of each other, but I think that's why we crave it even more. It's like back up of me!! What I do when someone's breathing down my neck and is take a couple steps back til I bump into them. "Oh I'm sorry, did I step on you? THEN BACK OFF!"

    sugarlens, I will never EVER understand people who text drive. That is just mind-boggling to me. Might as well just prop your laptop on the dashboard and start im'ing from there.

    intense guy, oh people double park around here all the time. There's just no room in this city to park legally. And I agree with people who can't wait until they're actually in the turn lane. Sometimes when I see them I worry that a car is going to come zooming in the other direction.

  15. I was walking to work this am and there was some guy smoking in front of me and with the Antarctic wind it was blowing on my face.

    Hey buddy, keep the cancer to yourself.

  16. ahh totally agree with the smoking.. The worst part- my hubby smokes! Okay can I just say the worst thing! That I would have to say is our biggest trouble area... Hope it changes soon:)
    what else drives me crazy?
    - peeps who are totally sick and hacking right in front of you- at times spraying you with their infections
    - Road Rage... Seriously people get a life!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.. Seriously still love visiting your blog

  17. are any drivers still allowed to have cellphones (without handsfree device) while they're driving in USA?
    thats terribly dangerous no?

    i feel quite annoyed when parent doesnt teach their little kids to say please and thank you.

    hope you're well. :)

  18. One of those days, huh? I have those two. (kidding, kidding, I know it's supposed to be too!)

  19. Oh boy!! Hot topic!! Looks like your are about the same as mine except since I no longer drive-- I have to say the bus drivers who talk on their cells while driving!!!!!
    Here in France, people SPIT everywhere in the streets- and it's sooo gross to look at it on the ground... You have to always look down here, because people never clean up after their doggies - another peeve!
    My biggest one is SMOKERS-- I live in the smoking capital of France... EVERYONE smokes here.. except me, hubby, my friends and lots of other American expats!!!! Drives me nuts!!!
    Take care and have a nicer Sunday!!!

  20. I so agree with you on the public display of affection violators! We were in the mall the other day and there was a couple making out right in front of everyone! I wanted to politely walk over and let them know that there is a hotel right down the hall, but they probably wouldn't have even noticed me!

  21. Anyone under the age of say....30....who thinks the world owes them something because they breath.


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