Thursday, November 6, 2008

Smell is Gone! I Think...

I ended up sleeping over at mom's house Tuesday night because of Election Night celebrations so I was a bit terrified over how bad the smell would be when I came back home yesterday evening.

I seriously think it's mostly gone!! I passed by the Closet of Death and it didn't reek. My sis says I'm just getting used to the smell but NO. There is absolutely no way - no way! - anyone could get used to that smell.

Now I can finally sit at my computer and write this post without simultaneously googling for "surgical masks" and "dear God when will the stench go away??!?!"

Just in time too. The Con Ed guy just came in.



  1. weird smells come and go, I really don't know how that happens, perhaps it was ghost, how else could you explain it?

  2. I'm so glad the smell is gone. There's nothing worse than being cooped up in an apt that smells, and no way to get rid of it.

  3. what was this "smell"...that's bizarre. are you excited for mexico?!

  4. It was a dead mouse only we couldn't find it in the closet or anywhere so it might have been in the wall or something. It was pretty bad so I'm glad it's starting to go away.

    And yes! So excited for Mexico even though I've seriously had no time to think or prepare for it. I haven't even packed yet and I leave in two days!!

  5. I once had a rat that had died in my house and had died in one of the pipes leading to a vent....can you imagine??
    No amount of scented candles or scented spray was getting rid of that stench! Eventually I figured out it was the smell of death that I was smelling and we had the pest control guy come out and take the rat, Thomas, (we named it) away.

    I'm happy to hear your place no longer smells and your closet has returned to normal. Phew!

  6. Thank goodness the odor is gone !

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  8. I am glad that smell is gone. I would have hated for you to have to come back from your trip to that poor dead mouse! May he rest in peace! :)

  9. Poor dead mouse!? That creature totally infiltrated my space and made me suffer a fate worse than death. Yuck :p


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