Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tagged by Tooj

A bit ago, Tooj from Circling the Square Table tagged me for some thingamajig where I list 10 things I love that start with a random letter. She sent me "L" so here goes:

1. Ladybug-themed bathroom
2. Letters (as in snail mail not the ABC's)
3. Listening to the radio instead of my iPod
4. Lazy Sundays
5. Lightweight laptops
6. Looking at the stars
7. Lactaid pills
8. Lunch breaks
9. Leave-in conditioner (especially Bumble and bumble)
10. Locrio (Spanish rice with chicken mixed in...mmm!)

Bonus: Five Things I Hate

1. Lactose-intolerance
2. Looking ten years younger than I really am (and no, don't say this is a good least not until I hit 40)
3. Low temperatures
4. Loud neighbors
5. Losing weight

P.S. I created an Oldies But Goodies list of posts most of you never read (and if you did, go back and relive the wonderful memories, thanks). Feel free to look through and comment. I'll switch those out every weekend :)


  1. I love letters too! I just mailed 3 this week. Snail mail is the best, especially when it's unexpected.

  2. Lactose- intolerance...I hear ya there. I dont think ANYONE would like it if they had it.

    Personally, I love looking younger than I am...but then again, Im pushing 40 too. However, it's a great pleasure to be carded when out with friends..knowing you ARE NOT the youngest one at the table. Even better when you're carded and your significant other isnt and he IS younger than you!! :D

  3. Tooj, it really is. It's like a little present waiting for me. I've been known to poke my head out the window to see if the mailman is coming and checking my mailbox 20 times a day.

    Ladystyx, yeah right now the opposite is true: being carded when you're the oldest person at the table = not fun. Or when bouncers make lame comments when you walk up to the club like, "We don't accept fake IDs" or "No Chuck E. Cheese coins." Huh? Really?

    Then I make sure to act extra smug when they subtract 1982 from 2008 and realize I'm probably their age. No, I'm not smiling at you fool.

  4. i'm sigle and the only person you need is yourself.
    hope you had a nice thanksgiving

  5. Love your list! I couldn't Live without my Laptop!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!


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