Monday, November 10, 2008

Tips On Taking Good Photos

Yikes. When Dorkys personally asked me to be her guest blogger while she's away partying it up in Cancun, I had my reservation. On a good day, I get maybe five visitors at my little blog, {sugarlens}. DAT gets a lot more love (I am not jealous or anything) and it was sort of nerve-wracking, knowing my post would be read by a larger audience. But my BF (Blogging Friend) was in need so I got over my fear quickly. I agreed.

Right off the bat, I knew I must make my post good…and universally interesting. After all, DAT has a fabulous reputation to keep! So here I go with my post. Hope you like!

I am a tad obsessed with taking photos. I want to take good photos and I am sure you do, too. I am an amateur, but with some trial and error, I have some tips of wisdom to share! They are basic, but essential.

1. Move in close. Get in close to the object and fill the picture with the object. This technique creates more dramatic photos. Use the camera’s macro or “flower” mode.

2. Lighting. Most people frown on using flash. For the most part, I agree. However, there are few exceptions. We all know flash is useful on cloudy days when it can to throw some light onto the subject. But did you know that direct sunlight can cause harsh shadows on the face and this causes unflattering photos? In such cases, use flash to even out the harsh light on the subject, which would also result in better clarity of the picture.

3. Composition. Try different angles. Your main subject doesn’t always have to be in the center. Bring your pictures to life by placing your subject off-center. This will provide the pictures with more perspective and depth.

4. Get down on their level. This is especially true when photographing pets or kids. Hold the camera at the subject’s eye level to create a personal and inviting feeling.

5. Design your photo and tell a story. Before you take the snap, try rearranging some objects, change the background, add props, or change the position to change the shadow and light. For example, instead of taking a picture your kid's new bike, take a picture of your kid riding the new bike!

I hope this post is helpful!

Do you have any tips? Lets share ‘em!

Lastly, I can’t leave without a shameless plug - If you ever get a chance, come visit me at {sugarlens}. The door is always wide open.


  1. Greats tips, thanks!

  2. it actually was totally helpful.. Thanks! Great photos as well :)

  3. I've seen those tips in a photo magazine, but being an amateur photographer, and struggling with wanting to take GOOD photos, it always helps to be reminded of these. I'll try to keep these in mind as I take my next set of pictures.

  4. Those are great tips! I always use the one about getting down on their level when taking pictures of my pup. It really makes better pictures.

  5. great memory, i was a photographer for 15 yrs of my life while in undergrad and grad school


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