Wednesday, December 24, 2008


CONGRATULATIONS: Stephanie is this week's winner! By the way, am totally impressed by how many people got this right! I didn't know there were so many gamers on here, but then again that could be because you all use Wii Fit to "exercise" ;)

Prize: Youngblood Mineral Radiance in Splendor

Biz Quiz News: I so need a break from the quizzes and giveaways so once 2009 hits there won't be weekly contests. But I'll still throw one in every now and then!

Now I wanted your regularly scheduled Biz Quiz (and 2008) to go out with a bang, so here' s what's going to happen:

Starting this Friday at 10 AM, I will post a daily Biz Quiz pic and will go on until the 30th. I will post the answer the day after each quiz and for each correct guess you get your name thrown into the bag. Clearly the more pics you guess correctly, the higher your odds of winning. Now what's the prize you ask? Well a boxful of goodies I've had lying around will be sent to the winner of this Biz Quiz Blitz! I'll show and tell what it'll contain this Friday at 10 AM and will announce the winner December 31st at noon!



  1. *bangs head with keyboard repeatedly since he should have guessed this one!!!*

    Merry Christmas Dorkys -

  2. Love your new creative idea on the Biz Quiz. How fun!

  3. hey, wii fit is awesome... you should try it=)


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