Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Biz Quiz

A winner will be randomly chosen from those who submit the correct answer. Contest is open until 11 AM EST tomorrow and the answer will be revealed an hour later at noon. The winner can then e-mail me his/her address so I can send over this week's prize. Good luck!

Prize: Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Sublime. I've always been a lip gloss girl and these seem to stay on forever. Plus, they smell so yummy! My fave? I Want Candy.

Image: kaboodle.com


  1. Looks like a part of a Foot Locker store sign to me....

  2. I don't have a guess. I'm just happy to see you back!

  3. foot locker! now put a rush on my beauty!! you know where i live ^_^ mandamelo!

  4. I'm too exhausted from catching up on blogs to try to figure this one out, but I will be interested to learn what it is tomorrow when you post the answer.


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