Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Biz Quiz

Okie doke, so this is the last one! Contest is open until 10 AM EST tomorrow when the answer will be revealed. Everyone who submits the correct answer will be thrown in the running for the grand prize. The grand prize winner will then be announced at noon. Good luck!


  1. United Parcel Service -

    When they merge with Fed Ex, the new business will be called Fed Ups... :)

  2. UPS!!

    Now where;s my puppy?

  3. OK...this is more fun than talking to my students!

    UPS : )

  4. UPS...which I am currently waiting on to bring me my packages! I'm hoping to see the truck today.

  5. UPS!

    Gotta love those brown trucks!!

  6. Can't mistake that UPS sign, after all the whiteboard commercials on tv.

  7. intense guy, LOL good one! You almost got me too. When I read it I thought, "WHAT?! They're merging?? When did...oh. That's right. I'm a dope."

    derailed, he's off being a sleepyhead. But he's past the super shy stage. Now he's started crossing into the hey-watcha-doing-imma-follow-you-around-and-sniff -you stage.

    kelley, eh, I'm sure those kids can fend for themselves.

    kelsey, man, I want packages too! Lucky :)

    chicagolady, is it sad that I LOVED those commercials?! So creative, short and sweet.


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