Friday, December 19, 2008

Dodge Those Party Pounds

And as if worrying about gaining an "alkie" title wasn't enough, there's also that expanding waistline from endless holiday dinners. So unless you're me and would gladly welcome a pound - or 10 - read on for ways to keep off the extra weight!



  1. 3. Carry healthy snacks when flying. Baggies of cereal or dried fruit should keep you out of the fast-food court.

    That's exactly what I am going to do!

  2. We had a work pot luck today and I swear I ate my weight in cashew cookies. Darn cookies!!

  3. I'd be happy to donate a pound or 30 if ya want it Dorky. I surely wont miss them!

  4. And whatever LadyStyx won't give ya, I've got. Between the three of us, we can even out all our weights, lol.

  5. sugarlens, that'd be perfect to do when you go on vacay next week!

    kelley, wow. Those must have been some powerful cookies.

    ladystyx & chicagolady, a lard transplant, huh? Sounds positively...disgusting. And yet a part of me wonders if they do that. But now that they have face transplants going on I'm sure they do, right?


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