Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Hangover Help

It's the holidays and between club hopping and party crashing, you're bound to have way too much bubbly. Here's how to fight off that dreaded hangover...and recoup when it inevitably comes.



  1. Mmmm...those drinks look good! I'll click over to the cure next...hubby and I use pedialyte!

  2. I WISH I could BE in a situation to get a hangover. LOL Damn kids.

  3. This year at my holiday party for work, I was good. I had no cocktails before dinner. I had one glass of wine with dinner, and one after, both white wine. I was not even tipsy, and was actually quite bored.

    I have found that even if I don't drink to excess, if I drink a big glass of water right before bed, I will not have the dreaded cotton-mouth in the morning. If I take 2 aspirin (or whatever you take for a headache) it keeps the headache portion of the hangover from starting.


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