Monday, December 29, 2008

I Have a Roomie...And It's a Boy!

It's also not human.

(Aren't I a tease?)

Anyway, last night I finally decided to take the half Chihuahua half Pekingese puppy my cousin has been trying to give away for the last two months.

So I'd like you all to meet...well, he doesn't really have a new name yet. For now, he's just Dog Formerly Known as Jigga (because that name was way too gangster for my tastes).

I'm still shopping around for a new name. Right now I have:

Courage the Cowardly Dog
Poopy (though he's yet to actually poop here)
[Insert Name of Dog]
Mira tu, entremetido! (Hey you, nosy!)
Gizmo (because I have this vision of him drinking waaay too much water and transforming into a gremlin. You should see these ears!)

Any other suggestions? The kid is tiny and hella shy.



  2. dama, he doesn't want to play ANYTHING!! I think he's broken...

    Or it could be that he's still terrified about being taken out of that bathroom prison he lived in with his mother. I'm here rolling on the floor trying to get him to do SOMETHING. I even told him there was only room for one depressed person in this house.

  3. omg change that improper "to" to the proper "too" in the parenthesis in your post.... hmph!!

    omg leo damaged him!! cantale unchin de danity kane, ur heart is damaged damaged damaged damaged OR TLC.. your hearts at a low ure so much to manage i think you should know that uve been damaged....

  4. I think you need to wait on the name a couple days to be honest. See if he gets outta this shy phase first...especially if you're wanting to name him after his personality.

  5. ps. howd u xfer him over from her place to urs? in a shopping bag? o lo tiraste en tu purse??

  6. So you know that messenger bag we both bought at Old Navy ages ago? yeah...

    But he has a crate and everything here. He freakin' peed in that joint last night. Good thing I had a towel in there for him.

  7. ladystyx, You're right. I want to name him based on his personality so I'll wait it out :)

  8. OMG!!1 OMG !! I'm coming over too!!

    What to trade dogs? I'll give you my dog, you give me yours!! DEAL??! Yeah??

    I can't wait to meet Puppy Steven!!

    Steven I love you already!!

  9. Steven?!!? Y de donde viene tu con ete tal "Steven??"

    And no. Evie is crazy. Y este es una momia.

  10. AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Doggie! A little baby. I love him! Hi Baby!! you are too cute!!! awww. Now we all have babies! Derailed, you and I!

  11. Yup, we do. Lets have playdates now. (But it'll really be an excuse for us to get together for cocktails.)

  12. Doggie doggie doggie!!

    My doggie is half pekingese half chiwawa too!!

    And Even Steven is a GREAT name.. Or maybe


  13. Diantre! Lo mataste con eso! :p

    But definitely keep it in mind for your future son.

  14. name him Bobby. Ay siiiiiii! Un bebe, we definitely should have playdates. ay si :)

    derailed get evie ready

  15. Oh, he's adorable!! I'm going with Gizmo or pssst!

    I hope you had a good Christmas.

  16. Oh that little doggie is so adorable. Have you seen Marley and Me? I recomend it! You will never look at your puppy the same. haha.

  17. umm no his name is obama thank you very much... obie for short!!

  18. OMG Anyone who knows me, knows how wacked out I am over my own Chihuahua. You'll be just like me in a few years;-)

  19. *laffs at all the names* in Tyler?

    I kind of like Gizmo too(ooooo)!

  20. LMAO this conversation is hilarious and im mad i dont have anything funny to say : ( hmmm a name... a name...hmmm how about Dido or maybe Dino (like the pet dinosaur in the Flintstones lol)...give him a D name you have to continue the tradition

  21. heidi & our fantasy, two more tallies for gizmo then.

    our fantasy, I actually read the book way back when it came out, but I don't think I'll watch the movie. Loooved the book though :)

    dama, y obie wan kanobie?

    merc, Lord help me. I keep telling myself "I will not treat you like a human baby." "I will not dress you in clothes- that stuff freaks me out." We'll see how this turns out.

    intense guy, another tally mark!

    gabby, thanks!

    dariany, what about "Dooky?"

  22. dooky dooky dooky dooky, dooky dooky dooky da... apurate mi burrito k ya vamos a llegar, con mu burrito sabanero en camino de belen!!!

  23. No nos podemos negar...

    Now hurry up and bring food! I'm famished here taking care of this child.

  24. calm down lady! hows my neph doing?

    im staying a few more minutes cuz a worker had to step out for a bit. k kieres comer? chinos? what exactly?

  25. he's adorable!

    how about Fifel?

  26. To be honest...Im liking Gizmo as well. Depending on how far down that white spot goes on his belly, I'd almost be inclined to call him Oreo.

    oooh or maybe Keebler?

    If he's the type to greet you at the door with his tail a waggin...Earl may be a good name too (from the Mutts comic)or if he's a little begger call him Mooch (yeah, I know that's the cat but it's still acute name).

  27. dama, he's fine. Mr. Gizmo Stevens Formerly Known as Jigga has just had his first accident on the floor. Kid is quick!! So I took him to the bathroom and put him on top of the wee wee pad and left him alone while I cleaned up the mess. When I came back to him he'd peed me a river - on the pad!! Then I proceeded to shower him with "Good boy! Good boy! Good boy!"

    I want real food. Not chinese. Thanks.

    blythe, thanks! Ooh, good one. Reminds me of Fievel :)

  28. Adorable!

    Hmm, I like old man names like Ralph, Oscar, Charlie, etc.

  29. I think this means I have to get over my fear of dogs =)

  30. He looks like a Gizmo!

  31. oh his face is so cute. like a little monkey! oh soooo CUTE!!!! omgsocute.DYINGfromCUTENESS

  32. ladystyx, I hope he's the greet-me-at-the-door-with-his-tail-wagging-like-crazy type. Sure beats coming home to a dark and empty apartment! And I like reading Mutts too :p

    gooseberried, my friend heidi's dog is named Charlie (though he was named after the horse in Lambchop's Play Along) so I guess that's taken!

    jk, yes because seriously it's about time. I fear for your children if you ever come across an animal in the street. You would totally ditch them!

    maegan, lol! Yes, he is cute. But just a little. Can't have him walking around acting conceited now.

  33. If you're going with Gizmo, that's much better than Dooky, cause it's too much like Dookie, which is well...look it up, lol.

    I've never been a little dog type of person, I prefer the big ones, but he is awfully cute.

  34. Super cute!

    I don't know what you should name him. I agree with whoever said wait and see what his personality's like. We named my Dad's new cat Yoda, and now my Dad thinks "he" might be a "she." lol That's what happens when you name them too fast!

  35. So cute!!!
    You know, his face in the first picture sort of reminded me of King Julian from "Madagascar". I think it's the eyes and ears. Also I may be a tad tired, so whatever.

  36. oh he's so adorable. Thank you for taking him and taking him out of the bathroom prison. argh!
    I say wait a couple days and let him get used to you and then think of a name, one will come to you, i'm sure, when you really see his personality. I'm sure he's scared and has no idea what the hell is going on. But I'm so excited for you, dogs are great friends...unconditional love!

  37. To cute!!

    I'm odd, but I tend to name my pets with actual "people" names for some reason.

    You are in NY, and when I think NY I think Sex and the City. What about "Scout" or "Pete"? Can you tell I watched reruns all during the Christmas break? : )

  38. chicagolady, oh no worries. I know full well what it means & it is very much NOT an option!

    And I've always wanted a cute little dog even though they're such yappers. But this one is so quiet, I hope it stays this way. I did want a Rottweiler for a moment since it'd be awesome if my tiny self could handle one. Plus, it'd be nice for protection purposes.

    wife o riley, he says thanks!

    lainey, yipers! For a second I wasn't sure if he was truly a he, but now I'm positive. And I still haven't decided on a name even though the sis calls him three different things. Unfortunately, a ruthless Dominican dictator is one of them and I do not like it.

    kelsey, omg I see it too! He looks like a little lemur. Maybe I can get him to dance to "I Like to Move It." I'll be sure to post a video if he ever does.

    our juicy life, yup, I'm waiting - omg, he's here lying on the floor and licking his little paws. Aaah too adorable! I want to eat him up.

    kelley, Pete! I loved Pete. Remember when Carrie lost him? Ha! I can still see her running down the street like a madwoman.

  39. Too cute! I just got a chihuahua myself today!

  40. So how is the name Toby working out? :)


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