Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last Minute Hustle

I'm a procrastinator through and through.

Which is exactly why it's December 20...and I just started Christmas shopping two hours ago. I had weeks to do this under kinder weather, but nooo. I obviously had to wait until the roads where disgusting so I could slip and slide my way to Target.

That's right. Target. This year I've decided that if the gift cannot be bought there, it will not be bought at all. I'm not venturing any further. It's bad enough I have to brave the below-freezing temps for ten minutes (because I refuse to wait a half hour for the bus) to get there looking like Rudolph with the sniffles while muttering "Worst idea everrr" under my breath.

And let's not forget the long lines, people who have no idea how to drive a cart and this inexplicable urge to smash into people - young and old. (Shopping rage anyone?)

But I know I always bring this upon myself. I usually wait til super late just because I cannot be bothered to go to the stores until the last possible moment. Then there's that whole anti-Holiday trip I've been on. I didn't decorate. I didn't get a tree. I didn't blast Christmas songs all month long. I didn't even want to buy all this "stuff," so buyer's remorse will kick in approximately 20 minutes from now. I did at least finish my Christmas cards and sent them on their "merry" way yesterday morning. So at least I haven't been a complete Grinch.

Maybe next year I'll participate again - with both feet in.



  1. You aint been the only one in the Bah-Humbug mood this year. Only decoration that went up is the wreath the cards done early and I *JUST* got the packages posted today...

  2. I finished (I think) my Christmas shopping today. I have a few decorations up, but if I could I'd just skip the holidays entirely. My Christmas cards were mailed Thursday and Friday.

  3. The best shake off method is to sing. Do it. Get in the shower tomorrow morning....find a radio station that only incessantly plays xmas music and SING. You'll laugh. At yourself, but you'll laugh. LOL And then think....did my letter get to somebody? (yes it did!!!) Promptly composing response now in my head....

  4. ladystyx, it's been bah-humbug indeed. I've been going through the motions half-heartedly, which isn't very Christmassy at all.

    chicagolady, good job! I have to access my purchases now and see what I can make of all this. I have a very bad habit of going with a list and good intentions and throwing it right out the window once I'm at the store. I don't remember what I bought- and some things were for me!

    tooj, I used to be that person actually. She's still in here somewhere but I guess I put her on time-out earlier this year. And YAY for the letter/ "book" getting there!!! It was too long wasn't it? Either way I'm smiling now :)

  5. I heart Target. But, maybe that's because we don't have one here. I have to cross the border to go and I always find something I don't need but have to have.
    I know this hasn't been the easiest of times for you and this season has a way of sometimes making it worse. I hope things get better for you deserve it.

  6. Our grocery store has these adorably cute mini shopping carts for little kids...yeah.....great means that toddlers are pushing these things into other people heels all the time-brilliant.

  7. heidi, I'm scared Christmas and New Year's Eve are going to be so so hard to get through. I need an arsenal of good thoughts for those two days...

    yaya, wonder who was the genius behind that one.

  8. I feel your pain Dorkys. I am being a total Grinch this year. Usually it is my favorite time of the year, but this year I am ready for New Year's Eve already!


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