Friday, December 12, 2008

The Letter Writing Campaign

Yesterday Heidi im’ed me complaining that she wants to write a letter (a real, handwritten one).

“So just write one,” I said.

After explaining that she wouldn’t know who to send one to (“I’m sure you could find somebody who’d love one.”) and that the recipient would only reply with a phone call or an e-mail (“Then send it without expecting one in return.”) she concluded that I needed to start a letter writing campaign.

Now I’ve already gained a pen pal since the last post on the subject (Tooj from Circling the Square Table), so I initially refused. But I’ve thought about it a bit and to appease her decided to do so anyway. Here’s how you can join in:

* This holiday season (but preferably all year round), write someone a heartfelt letter instead of a quickie card. Do it without expecting one back; its sole purpose is to let someone know they’re in your thoughts.

* Write a note to a complete stranger. Leave it behind in a coffee shop, in a book at the library, the park, wherever someone will be sure to find it. Yes, there’s a good chance it will end up in the garbage, but you might also bring a smile or a dose of inspiration to someone who needs it.

* Or write a letter to yourself. What would you tell your younger self knowing what you know now? Where do you hope your future self is five years from now?

* And if you’re a parent, write a letter to your child saying how much he means to you. Save it until he’s old enough to read it and understand what you’ve written.


Over the last two days I've learned about two people who'd really appreciate some warm thoughts sent their way. I read about both on The Secret is in the Sauce:

1. Amy is a mom of four whose oldest son has fought brain tumors his entire life. She writes about the good and the struggles that have come, but her blog is inspiration all the way. On top of that, Amy herself has just been diagnosed with cancer. Her husband and daughter fill in while she's too sick to post, but cards, letters, anything would help her know that she's in so many people's thoughts during this time. E-mail me for her address so you could send warm fuzzies her way.

2. Hannah is a five-year-old with terminal cancer who's hoping to get as many Christmas cards as possible. So while you're off sending cards to all your loved ones, think of this little girl and help her out. E-mail for her address as well :)

I’d love to know each time you’ve done any of these – no matter how many times you do them. It’d be nice to see how many letters get sent out and how you felt about it. I’ll keep this campaign on the sidebar, so come in and comment anytime!



  1. Hehehe, you better do what I say.

    BTW, I wrote you 2 letters that I wil be mailing later on today.

  2. Interesting idea. I'll think about this and see what I can do myself.

  3. That idea about leaving a note in a restaurant for a stranger is a great idea. I will do this - promise. *fingers held up in girl scout honor* (never mind I wasn't one and I don't know how many fingers it requires, I usually only use one)

    You should have received the initial letter, and then a second one was sent as well...let me know if you get/got them. :)

  4. heidi, no I don't have to and I can't wait to get them.

    chicagolady, looking forward to hearing what you come up with!

    tooj, I liked that one best, too. And I received the first letter at the beginning of the week and was waiting on the second one so I can respond in one big letter. I got the second one yesterday so I shall be finally writing this weekend. :)

  5. If I had your address, I'd write ya too.

  6. Hi Dorkys,

    You are now an official recipient of the Message in a Bottle Award!

    This is awarded to people who make a significant contribution to promoting the tradition of letter writing.

    The link included here will send you to a page that tells more about the award, who else has won it and shows a graphic you can display on your page.

    Congrats again!

  7. Well since the campaign launched, I've written to my two pen pals several times and it's been lovely handwriting letters again. Oh and receiving snail mail has been wonderful!


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