Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tina Fey on Vanity Fair

As most of you know I've been absolutely loving Tina for a bit now so I was really excited to see her grace the cover of January's Vanity Fair. Her wit and charm comes through in their story and it made me heart her even more (plus Annie Leibovitz's pictures are amazing - as always). Now I just need to put work aside for a while and start watching 30 Rock already!

Tina Trivia: Her full name is Elizabeth Stamatina Fey and a couple days ago I finally read the story behind the facial scar: she was five and on her front yard when a stranger came up and slashed her. Can someone tell me what's wrong with people?



  1. They did WHAT to her? A five year old? That's disturbing. Why are you always working so much? You need to stop!

  2. Yeah, it's sad about the crazies that are out there.

    And I have a to-do list a mile long that I'd love to get done by mid-week. I'm finally watching some Saturday morning TV now, but that'll last 20 more minutes before I head out to tackle these tasks. In conclusion, I don't know how to relax.

  3. I love her. The pictures in the article were great too.

    And yeah, slashing a 5 year old?? Crazy world.

  4. Tina Fey is one of my role models! I'm so excited to go and read this!

    Yeah people are seriously screwed up. I actually never even noticed a scar on her face until I read the story about it. I guess I always assumed it was the lighting or something.

  5. She is quite talented...I always enjoy seeing Tina perform or talk on a talk show.

    I don't think anyone can tell you what is wrong with people - slashing anyone (5 years oold or 50 years old) is incomprehendable to me.

  6. I heart Tina. I haven't seen this issue in the stores yet, but as soon as I do I am picking it up!

    Okay, I am really behind on reading my favorite blogs (that includes yours of course) and wow, you have been busy!! I'm going to catch up now!

  7. Seriously? That is what happened to her? How horrible. But how awesome of her to overcome such a traumatizing childhood experience to become what she is today!


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