Friday, December 12, 2008

Traveling with Children?

Then check out these useful tips to make it there and back with your head still attached. I know many will be traveling with the family in the coming weeks, so tell me: how do you pull off jet-setting with the kids?

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  1. there's nothing worse than a kid crying his butt off on the plane!

  2. Trick with kids....1)...give them a bottle at take-off...helps pop the ears.....and 2) Baby Benedryl...makes them oh so sleepy....

  3. Well I won't be traveling with any little kids I know personally, though sometimes when I travel there are other people's kids around... generally screaming and crying! haha. Perhaps I need to find some tips, print them out, and hand them out to the parents with the crying kids! haha.


  4. Fortunately, I've had two good girls that never cried on the plane which we quite flew a lot when they're babies. I say the wonder of breastfeeding:)

    Now it's all about portable DVD and small art supplies!

  5. valerie, oh don't I know. On my way back from Mexico I had one yelling maMAAAAAA for most of the flight. Zen went right out the window with that one.

    noah's mommmy, yes I included the baby bottle one in the story. Helps a lot!

    s-c, I might carry copies with me to for train rides, bus rides, flights, shopping trips, walking down the block...

    maki, count your blessings you have such well-behaved little angels :)

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  7. I don't have any kids, so I'm sure there's a lotta stuff i'm missing, but kids tend to freak when their ears pop.

    I noticed if you tell kids their ears might pop, they tend to freak out more than if you're like You get a special treat! GUM!

    - Mila


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