Sunday, December 7, 2008


* New "Oldies But Goodies" are up for the week so check them out!

* I added a couple new Gift Guides to the list, including a funny one from Gawker :)

* I'm pretty sure my apartment smells like dead rat. Again. It's really some kind of wonderful.

UPDATE: False alarm on the dead rat. My nose has been taking a beating each and every time I have to go out into the tundra. All is good...for now.


  1. Okay, I read your tourist don'ts list and laughed...however, I do have one comment for the anon poster. Beware of those "hill billies" wearing fannie packs. While I certainly think there are better ways of toting around your stuff, I have an uncle who would wear one when we were on vacation together (large family caravan to a wedding), and I learned a very important thing about us "hill billies". Some might be packin' heat. LOL Be nice to fannie packs. His gun was in there. (Legit conceal and carry, he was FBI after all.)

  2. Dead rat again? Ugh! That

    *struggles to find a word that wont come off as a pun*

    really really sucks.

  3. tooj, wow, that's actually kind of scary.

    ladystyx, yes. Again!

  4. Well, at least my bad smell is confined to the one bathroom, and I believe is related to the heating unit they just replaced. Maybe tomorrow my smell will be gone.

  5. I'm gonna sell some nose plugs, like two little rubber stopper thingies - and make a million billion dollars this holiday season. :)

    Glad is was a false alarm...or maybe the rat just moved to Chicago...


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