Friday, January 23, 2009

Book of Dreams

I know right now everyone’s buzzing about the Academy Award nominations, who got snubbed and who should win, but something else Oscar-related has been on my mind for months now: Federico Fellini's Book of Dreams exhibition that opens tomorrow at the Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences’ Grand Lobby Gallery. The Italian director (La Dolce Vita, Amarcord) made a habit of drawing out his dreams as soon as he awoke and kept a notebook of these writings and illustrations by his bed. His work, on display for the first time in the U.S., date from the 1960’s all the way to 1990.

Fellini often incorporated these fantastical images into his films and considered dreams to be just as important as the work your mind does when you’re awake. But he didn’t stop with the pages in his book and so by letting himself completely explore what his subconscious was trying to say, he was able to breathe life into his dreams.

Too bad I can’t get to Beverly Hills anytime soon. Perhaps I can settle for his cool book instead.

Fellini's Book of Dreams opens Saturday, January 24th and runs though April 19 at The Academy’s Grand Lobby Gallery. Admission is completely free!



  1. OMG Am so getting this! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  2. WHAT?... $79 for a book...a book that is not a school text book or something of the sort!!!!

  3. I stopped watching all the awards shows. There got to be too many of them, and they all make so much money anyway, to me that should be award enough. Why fill up a mantel with awards that their kids are just going to sell after they're dead?

  4. merc, anytime! You always give such great book recommendations, I'm glad I could repay the favor.

    dariany, funny you should say that. I was searching for my Italian textbook on amazon and almost passed out when I saw triple digits! Thankfully, I was able to get a used copy for a lot cheaper.

    P.S. I can never understand people who pay more than a $100 for shoes and purses. Just boggles my mind. But for some reason books seem to be a bit more acceptable. Granted, I've yet to pay that much for one, but it doesn't seem to be as insane to me.

    chicagolady, oh I can't watch that stuff. It goes on for five thousand years and I just get so bored.


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