Thursday, January 15, 2009

Catch Some Good ZZZ's

Tossing and turning through the night? Staying up for The Late, Late, Late Show? Well maybe I can help. Choosing the right mattress and pillow is the first step to getting the rest you need so it's important you find the comfiest set you can. Your sleep position and body temperature preferences also have an affect on how well you'll sleep. Read on for tips on choosing the right bed so you can rest easy.



  1. omg i love the bed set...and i love bed is my world lol...i was right about my mattress and pillow type now i only wish i can afford the tempurpedic...i got to lay on it once and it felt like heaven... i wish that was every night :(

  2. So how do I get my husband to stop sleeping in the middle and "creasing" the mattress? I'm not a big fan of sleeping with someone else....why did I get married again? I want the 1950s back...two bed master suites.

  3. Temperature is definitely a big part of my problem....too cold and Im awake half the night running to the bathroom...too hot and Im up ALL night miserably sweatin. Neither make for a pleasant wife in the morning.

  4. I switch positions when sleeping. I start out on my side, then move to my back, and never move again, unless I wake up and purposefully move back to my side. Unfortunately, to be comfortable on my side, makes me not so comfortable when I move to my back.

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