Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day

A new administration. A chance to redirect this country to better days. Changes. Optimism. Hope returns. A breath of fresh air. Huge undertakings. Hard days ahead. A turning point. History. Inspiration. A new chapter. Questions. Answers.

What do you hope this new chapter holds?

P.S. Is it bad that I want a bow around my coat too?

Image: cbc.ca


  1. Hey there....

    YAYYYYYY!!!!! Sooo excited about our NEW PRES.!!!!
    I had to work today so I'm waiting for my dad to send me the whole thing in English so I don't have to hear it dubbed over in French!! BIG celebrations over here, too!
    Take care, Leesa

  2. I think their hair is gorgeous. I know you're talking bows, but I'm talking hair.

  3. I loved their jackets! Why can't 1) J.Crew make those for adults and 2) I live in a place that I don't need a cute jacket for lol.

  4. I loved yesterday.

    Especially when my fella said to me, "I feel really hopeful". Why so surprised, you ask? Because he voted for McCain.

    Props to Obama for helping the boy see the light!

  5. leesa, we watched the whole thing at work and were clapping away. Big day!

    tooj, those two were just adorable all over. They have more style than I do. Granted, they have more help than I do, but still.

    kelsey, ditto!! But I wouldn't be at all surprised if Crew Cuts fit me.

    kelley, aww I'm glad to hear that he can put aside any animosity/harsh feelings and give his support to the new prez.

  6. I'll be eager to see if everyone still is so jubilant one or two years from now.


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