Friday, January 9, 2009

I Had Another One of Those Dreams Last Night...

You know the type. The ones that seem too good to be true. The ones that leave you feeling a little bit sad once you wake up and realize it was all an illusion.

Yeah. Thanks for the torture, subconscious. With friends like you who needs enemies?

At least this one didn't leave me feeling like it used to. In fact, I noticed it for what it was while I was still asleep.

And then I went on to dream about mutant spiders crawling from my vents.

Progress? I think yes.

P.S. I was finally able to put the pictures away.

SATURDAY MORNING UPDATE: Make that two now. And this one wasn't pretty...



  1. My dreams rarely make sense. I wake up very confused, wondering why I was dreaming about that particular thing.

    Perhaps your subconscious is trying to tell you that you're slowly getting past all this stuff, and finally moving on with your life?

  2. For a while there, I had nightmares about my ex. I kept having dreams he was going to show up at my wedding to my now husband. One night was different. I was getting ready, white dress and the whole kit n kaboodle...when my mom showed up with *him* in tow. I remember very vividly in my dream telling him to get the *censored* lost...when *he* said, "I just wanted to see my sweet wife (or words to that effect)one last time." My response? "I havent been your sweet wife in a long time and never will be again so get the *CENSORED* lost and dont come back!" Ya know, I aint had another nightmare about him again. I suspect I may have a couple once he's been freed from prison...but I dont expect I'll have too many now that I know how to handle them.

  3. chicagolady, oh I've had ones that are so out there I couldn't even begin to decipher. Some leave me feeling completely tormented and exhausted once I wake up, like I was just put through the ringer.

    Sometimes when I can't decode a particular one, I go by how I feel in the morning. This one didn't leave me feeling upset despite the fact that it was still a disappointment. So yeah, maybe time is doing it's thing...

    ladystyx, it sounds like you're quite the fighter. Sometimes I feel my subconscious is a lot weaker than my actual self. Things I could do in real life seem to be such a challenge in my dream (ie running, hiding, trying to defend myself, seeing, etc). I think you're going to be just as strong when the moment calls for it.

    And I can relate to the recurring violent nightmares. A couple years ago I kept having horrible nightmares and getting killed a different way night after night for about a week. I couldn't escape any of them no matter how hard I tried. In the last one, I just accepted death and was completely calm with what was about to happen. And then the nightmares stopped.

  4. I hate when I have a dream like that... I don't like when all my ex's show up in my dream - even I'm married and they are in the past, it just leave me weird feelings when I wake up...

    Have a great weekend, Dorkys:)

  5. Baby steps my friend, baby steps. Yay for progress!!! No hay mal que dure cien aƱos ni cuerpo que lo resista!

  6. Oh, spiders are a definite improvement. It could mean that you're one step closer to dreaming about Obama! You know, he and Spiderman are appearing together....

  7. maki, yeah, they're no fun at all. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

    heidi, me lo dices? One step at a time, my friend. Cannot WAIT for tonight, btw.

    tooj, LOL! I read about that actually. And apparently dreaming about spiders is not all that bad.

  8. I hate that!! Sometimes I'll find the perfect outfit or there's this perfect vacation or perfect scenario and then....nothing. Boo.
    Sorry about the spiders.
    Hey, I've missed you around here. I hope you have had some deserved rest. :)

  9. Talk about major disappointment. And the spiders weren't attacking or anything. They were just coming out non-stop. And in some new apartment, no less. The nerve I tell ya.

    And yeah, I've been so busy and tired this week I haven't been posting or commenting much (even though I've been lurking about). Sorry!

  10. That wasn't about the comments as much as missing your posting. I really do hope you get some rest. Take care of yourself!

  11. Thanks Heidi! I'm trying. Because I really want people at work to stop asking me "What's wrong?" when they see me. Yes, I'm that frazzled, tired and stressed. But the wonderful weekend is only two days away. Blessed be the weekend!


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