Friday, January 16, 2009

Just Checking In

Hi all! Just wanted to let you guys know I got in ok. I had an internal freakout shortly before landing this morning due to some really bad turbulance. I guess I'm not as brave as I'd like to think since for ten minutes or so I had a death grip on my arm rest and it only got tighter each time the plane fell several feet or shook all over the place. Not fun.

But we made it to the resort safely and I'll proceed to enjoying the rest of my weekend. Of course, I couldn't resist this public laptop to check my e-mail, know, the essentials! Like a moth to a flame I tell you :)

Hope you Northerners are keeping warm. It's a freezing 65 degrees here. Talk about brrrrr! (Well it is to these people anyway. Can you believe that?!)


  1. Have fun and try to stay warm. You know that 65 degrees may require a heavy jacket or something. Sheesh! : )

  2. I'm really excited for you that you get to experience 65 degree weather. I mean, who WOULDN'T WANT a bloggie friend having fun, seeing the sun, while we sit here in single digit temps? Really, what friend would I be if I detested you right now?

  3. glad you made it there safely.. unfortunately we are freezing our butts off here

  4. Hey it's cold to us!! lol, is it sad that I actually am freezing in this lovely weather we're having?

    Where in FL are you? it's sounds like somewhere in the south and it has to be somewhere near where I am since the temps were that today. Hope you enjoy your stay! If you want any good places to eat, ask away :)

  5. Enjoy your cold temps in the sunny south!

  6. If you get homesick, turn the AC down to about 25 F... that ought to fix you right up!


  7. 65 is freezing to us in the south!lol Luckeeee in FLA! Have a sweet time, I know I would.

    Cheers to a pina colada!


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