Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More TV Shows to Come

For starters, the insanity that is Flight of the Conchords will be back Sunday, January 18 on HBO. By the way, I like how I get my pop culture news from subway posters (and yes, it's how I found out American Idol was back. Maybe they should've made another one to remind me it's on tonight again!)

And remember when I had eight months to catch season 4 of Lost* (even though the DVDs did just come out last month)? Yeah well now I have a week to watch the thing before season 5 airs on January 21 on ABC. Awesome.

*I just got hooked on the show last March, so I've yet to watch a season when it's actually on TV. Can't wait! If you're going to comment, you'd better not spoil it for me!!


  1. I couldn't spoil it for you even if I wanted to. I don't watch that show. I watching AI and the auditions that took place in my town. Ummm...when were they here?

  2. OMG can people please stop with the Somewhere Over The Rainbow business?

  3. You do know that Lost is ending soon, right?

    I think my ears have bled a couple times already tonight, with the bad singers. But there are a couple I really like too!

  4. Lost is not on FOX! It's on ABC. You have one week to catch up!

  5. Chicagolady, I think I read somewhere that they were only doing 7 seasons of the thing. I try not to read anything about it when I fact check articles for the mag. I don't want to learn anything about it!

    And I actually busted out laughing when they showed that guy Simon said should write Hallmark cards. I loved when they showed Simon's deep muahaha's in the background while the poor guy cried outside.

    I think this show brings out the worst in us. Really.

    jk, Yipers! Thanks for the correction. Watch me turn to the wrong channel next Wednesday!

  6. I just started watching Lost last Friday and I'm trying to get through all of the episodes by the season premiere! it's like 80+ episodes so wish me luck haha. I'm up to the middle of season 2.

  7. so what do American Idol...and a bag of Chocolate Chips have in the end...they both made me a little queasy....There are some promising canidates...and I am sorry to say...I've never seen Lost...

  8. la risa, but isn't it sooo worth it to lose your eyeballs from watching episode after episode? I heart Sawyer. Good luck!

    noah's mommy, yeah some were really good last night...others not so much.

  9. I watch Lost, although I must say that I like the earlier seasons better. Now the whole show is just a big confusing mess. At least for me anyway...

    I am looking forward to the new season though!


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