Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Vision

Peace. Bliss even. To travel the world. I want love that will swirl up the butterflies in my stomach each and every time I see him. An armful of sunny flowers. An improved economy that will bring jobs to those who've lost them and sleep to those who fear for theirs. I want to succeed on my own terms.

I want to let my heart - not my head - lead the way and feel so centered within myself that I can rest assured things will be Just Fine.

Laugh more. Smile more. Wish more. Celebrate my life. Be healthy (and ten pounds heavier). I want to let color in.

Breathe, be still and believe that bit by bit change will happen.

I want to learn how to live completely and be patient with life's questions. I'll hear the answers soon enough.

"I am the sum of my small steps." Indeed.

So, what would be on your vision board?


  1. I got 123 extra pounds that you're more than welcome to. I'd love to be finally down to my goal weight so I can let up just a little bit on this eatin modification. I let up now and I'll never go back.*sigh*

    My vision board would have a lighter, healthier me front and center.

    Learning to leave things in other's hands and stop worrying about things I cannot control.

    A "Padded Room" blog that is finally COMPLETE so I dont feel the need to look at it again...EVER...

    To feel peace in what's happened in life and know that a certain person will never bother me again..

    To prove to myself I CAN do and I AM NOT the failure I think I see in the mirror looking back. The only reason why that person exists is because of the above vision..

    Im sure there's more....but I wont clutter it up in here.

  2. I guess I would start by finding a board and putting it up.

    Its been so long now since I've cared about things or tried to hope for more or better I don't even know what I would "wish" for anymore. I guess I would like a sign or demonstration, that my fellow persons were not largely "morons and fools" and that not ALL politicans were on the take, slimey and corrupt.

    Its going to take some convincing.

  3. Oh Lord, on the Bachelor there was a lady who was telling the Bachelor that she had a vision board and that it had to come true bc she put it there.

    She took the concept of being positive and focusing on what you want which is what a board is about to another level. to the insanity level, i might add.

  4. I am laughing at what Heidi said up there. Yes, definitely to the insanity level. Those women are completely crazy!

    Back to you Dorkys...this sounds wonderful. I am so with you on letting your heart lead the way. I often have to tell myself it is the better way. :)

  5. Awesome idea!!!!

    Mine would be along the lines of:

    I love this!

  6. ladystyx, if you were able to go through that and come out as the strong, loving person you are today, then how could you ever think otherwise? I know sometimes it's hard to see for yourself what everyone around you already knows, but I have faith you'll get there soon ;)

    intense guy, a skeptic to the core, huh? It does make it hard to sleep at night with those thoughts running through your head. I'm trying to learn that I can't change everyone else around me. I can only do good and hope for the best. People get what they deserve in the end. At least that's what gets me through the night. I am curious to know what you would wish for if you sat down and really thought about it.

    heidi, are you serious? I probably would have laughed...while running for my life.

    heidi, it does take practice though. I was at a point where I couldn't distinguish between my heart and my head and there was no way I could trust what my heart was trying to say.

    yaya, wonderful words to go by :)

  7. I totally need to get me one of those....and I've left you something over at my blog...if you'd like to come by and grab it...

  8. Yes!! That lady she said "oh i have on my board that I am getting married so it has to happen, bc its there". Seriously lady, no don't say that to a man you just met. Please don't.

    You know what I say, desperation is the world's worst perfume. That was desperate.

    But, I am all for focusing on what you want and being positive and following your heart.

  9. I think I want to steal yours- it's pretty darn good :-)

  10. noah's mommy, thanks so much!

    heidi, you're too much, lol!

    colby, thank you, but I'm sure with your crazy creativity yours would be just as good :)

  11. I'd settle for not being lonely anymore.

  12. My vision board would include Peace, for me, for my friends, for my family.

    It would have me, happy and content with my life, regardless of anything else.

    I hope it would include love, that one day I'll find it. But if not, falling back on that second one.

    I'd include awareness of more of the world around me. Not just my little world that I live in, but the whole world, everything.

    Time to live my life, and enjoy it, and not have to stress about whether I'm getting enough sleep.

  13. intense guy, I will hope that for you. It will happen.

    chicagolady, these are all wonderful things to strive for and I'm sure many of us would love the exact same so you're very much not alone.


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